About PINA

PINA is a professional association for Permaculture Practitioners working across North America and Hawaiʻi to:

  • Promote permaculture pathways in professional development
  • Facilitate networking and connectivity among permaculture practitioners
  • Grant diplomas recognizing excellence and achievement
  • Bring permaculture solutions to the challenges of social justice, land regeneration, and climate change
  • Preserve the integrity and quality of the Permaculture Design Course
  • Elevate the status and impact of Permaculture by influencing public policy and private development to improve the quality of life for all

Why I joined PINA Members of the PINA Board of Directors tell us why they joined the organization.

PINA's Goals

Board of Directors

PINA Staff


  • Peter Bane
    Executive Director | Michigan
  • Elizabeth Lynch
    Administrator | Pennsylvania
  • Gloria Flora
    Development Coordinator | Washington
  • Melanie Mindlin
    Diploma Program Coordinator | Oregon
  • Jesse Tack
    Program Services Manager | Michigan
  • Rebeca Rubalcava
    Member Services Coordinator| Georgia
  • Sean Jennings  
    Communications Coordinator | Hawaii




More Information

PINA Diplomates

PINA has awarded a professional diplomas to people who have demonstrated excellence in the field of permaculture. We highly recommend the services of our diplomates.

Learn more about joining PINA’s Diploma Program

Allied Organizations

PINA offers organizational membership to non-profits, enterprises, informal local associations and guilds that endorse the permaculture ethics and support PINA’s mission.