About PINA

PINA is a professional association of regional hubs working across North America and Hawaii to:

  • Elevate the status and influence of Permaculture by influencing public policy and private development to improve the quality of life for all
  • Bring permaculture solutions to bear on the challenges of social justice, land regeneration, and climate cooling
  • Promote permaculture pathways to professional development
  • Grant diplomas
  • Preserve the integrity and quality of the Permaculture Design Course
  • Facilitate networking among permaculturists


Maintain professional standards in permaculture design, teaching, and practice.
Learn about the Permaculture Design Course (PDC)

Support permaculture education through a certification process that recognizes achievement and excellence.
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Provide a structure for communication among Permaculture Design Course (PDC) graduates.
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  • Promote permaculture responses to social and ecological challenges
  • Learn about Projects  (coming soon)
Policy Change

  • Support efforts to reshape public policy
  • Learn about Research and Advocacy (coming soon)

Supporting the work of PINA

You can support PINA’s efforts by becoming a member or making a one-time donation. Large or small, your donation supports the work of PINA and helps advance the quality of the permaculture movement.

Board of Directors

  • Monica Ibacache, President, New York
  • Paula Westmoreland, Vice President, Minnesota
  • Bob Randall, Secretary; Texas
  • Darrell Frey, Treasurer,  Mid-Atlantic
  • Wesley Roe, Southern California
  • Koreen Brennan, Florida
  • Liora Adler, Northern California
  • Andrew Millison, Oregon


  • Executive
  • Membership
  • Development
  • Diploma Program
  • Hubs

Regional Hubs

PINA is an association of collaborative regional organizations. Representatives of 8-13 of these organizations will eventually serve on the PINA Board of Directors.

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In the early 1980’s, Bill Mollison asked several people to create an organization in order to foster permaculture in North America. They created PINA version 1.0, hosted an International Convergence in 1986 and launched the Permaculture Activist magazine (which is still going strong), but then disbanded for lack of funds and focus. In 2009, several long-time permaculture practitioners began working on a new organization, and in 2014 they launched the revitalized PINA as a network of largely autonomous regional membership organizations spanning the continent.

PINA Diplomates

PINA has awarded a professional diploma to people who have demonstrated excellence in the field of permaculture.  We highly recommend the services of our diplomates.

List of PINA Diploma Holders

More Information

View details of PINA’s development and implementation (pdf)

View details of PINA’s administration elements (pdf)



nwlogoPINA is pleased to acknowledge the generous support of the NatureWise corporation of Ashland, Oregon, which in cooperation with our fiscal sponsor, the Association for Regenerative Culture, has made possible the expansion of our diploma, certification, and membership programs during 2016 and 2017. We encourage individuals and organizations who would like to strengthen the capacities of the permaculture community to contact our office. Contributions and bequests can be tax-deductible and may help to meet your goals as well as ours.