About PINA

PINA is a professional association for Permaculture Practitioners working across North America and Hawaiʻi to:

  • Promote permaculture pathways in professional development
  • Facilitate networking and connectivity among permaculture practitioners
  • Grant diplomas recognizing excellence and achievement
  • Bring permaculture solutions to the challenges of social justice, land regeneration, and climate change
  • Preserve the integrity and quality of the Permaculture Design Course
  • Elevate the status and impact of Permaculture by influencing public policy and private development to improve the quality of life for all

Why I joined PINA Members of the PINA Board of Directors tell us why they joined the organization.

PINA's Goals

Board of Directors

PINA Staff


  • Peter Bane
    Executive Director | Michigan
  • Elizabeth Lynch
    Administrator | Pennsylvania
  • Gloria Flora
    Development Coordinator | Washington
  • Melanie Mindlin
    Diploma Program Coordinator | Oregon
  • Scarlet Naomhaithis
    Communications Coordinator | Michigan




More Information

PINA Diplomates

PINA has awarded a professional diplomas to people who have demonstrated excellence in the field of permaculture. We highly recommend the services of our diplomates.

Allied Organizations

PINA offers organizational membership to non-profits, enterprises, informal local associations and guilds that endorse the permaculture ethics and support PINA’s mission.