About PINA

PINA is a professional association of regional hubs working across North America and Hawaiʻi to:

  • Elevate the status and impact of Permaculture by influencing public policy and private development to improve the quality of life for all
  • Bring permaculture solutions to bear on the challenges of social justice, land regeneration, and climate cooling
  • Promote permaculture pathways to professional development
  • Grant diplomas recognizing excellence and achievement
  • Preserve the integrity and quality of the Permaculture Design Course
  • Facilitate networking among permaculturists



Maintain professional standards in permaculture design, teaching, and practice.


Promote permaculture responses to social and ecological challenges.


Support permaculture education through a certification process that recognizes achievement and excellence.

Policy Change

Support efforts to reshape public policy


Provide a structure for communication among Permaculture Design Course (PDC) graduates.

Supporting the work of PINA

You can support PINA’s efforts by becoming a member or making a one-time donation. Large or small, your donation supports the work of PINA and helps advance the quality of the permaculture movement.

Board of Directors

  • Monica Ibacache, President, New York
  • Paula Westmoreland, Vice President, Minnesota
  • Bob Randall, Secretary, Texas
  • Darrell Frey, Treasurer, Pennsylvania
  • Koreen Brennan, Florida
  • Andrew Millison, Oregon
  • Marco Lam, Colorado
  • Kimberly Daugherty, Washington
  • Jane Hayes, Ontario, Canada

Monica IbacachePresident, is a native of Chile and a NY City based community organizer, sustainability educator and ecological designer since 2007.  Read more. . .

Bob Randall, Secretary
PINA Diplomas in Teaching & Design
Bob has been a food systems activist for more than five decades.  Read more. . .


Darrell Frey, Treasurer
is a Permaculture Consultant and Educator in
Pennsylvania. One of the first wave of permaculture practioners,. . . Read more. . .

Koreen Brennan
is the founder and manager of Grow Permaculture in West Central Florida, Koreen is an author, educator, public speaker, designer and farmer.  Read more. . .

Andrew Millison
has been studying, teaching and practicing Permaculture since he took his first design course in 1996.  Read more. . .

Marco Chung-Shu Lam, MSOM, L.Ac.
Marco has been practicing and teaching permaculture and sustainable living skills for over twenty five years in diverse climates. . .Read more. . .


Paula Westmoreland,
Vice President
Paula Westmoreland is a permaculture designer, agroecologist, teacher, activist, and writer. . .   Read more. . .

Jane is a regenerative community developer, designer, and entrepreneur, applying permaculture skills to the collaborative design of land and community-based projects. Read more . . .

PINA Staff Members

  • Peter Bane, Executive Director, Michigan
  • Elizabeth Lynch, Administrator, Pennsylvania
  • Melanie Mindlin, Diploma Program Coordinator, Oregon
  • Kassia Salisbury, Records Manager, Michigan




Peter Bane,
Executive Director
Author, the Permaculture Handbook, permaculture teacher and designer since 1992, he has served PINA as Board President, Secretary, Chair Diploma Program Committee. . .Read more. . .

Elizabeth Lynch, Administrator
A permaculture teacher and consultant, she manages permaculture farms, including Garfield Community Farm (current, Three Sisters Farm and FIT Farms. . . Read more. . .


Melanie Mindlin
Diploma Program Coordinator
Permaculture teacher and designer with Siskiyou permaculture, Read more . . .

Regional Hubs

PINA is an association of collaborative regional organizations. Representatives of 8-13 of these organizations will eventually serve on the PINA Board of Directors.

PINA Diplomates

PINA has awarded a professional diplomas to people who have demonstrated excellence in the field of permaculture. We highly recommend the services of our diplomates.


A short history of PINA -2012 from its founders to recent times. At the end of this document, a series of tables holds the rosters of Hubs, Board Members, Officers, Staff, and Advisory Board members by their periods of service.

More Information

PINA 2014  Organizational Structure Design