Permaculture Institute of North America

PINA supports professional development for PDC graduates through continuing education, mentorship, diploma recognition, and employment. We identify, fund, and staff critically important projects in land, community, and climate regeneration.

May 3-5, 2019.   PINA co-sponsored this comprehensive summit on the challenges facing permaculture activists and allies over the next decade. Important discussion and networking addressed context, strategies for mobilizing work, design thinking, and techniques. Many videos were made of conference workshops and are being uploaded to the GERC youtube channel where you can view them for free.

Forty-two amazing permaculture designs were submitted for the PINA Design Contest. We are featuring one design each week until the 2019 Contest is announced.  SEE THE DESIGNS.

Contest winner Tao Orion’s Integrated Water-Harvesting Earthworks will provide access, water harvesting potential and fire resilience by developing a pond using Keyline design principles.  Pre-construction planning has started and construction will begin in June with two workshops at Aprovecho (Cottage Grove, OR) where participants will be involved in the installation.  June 15 Surveying & Planning Water Harvesting Earthworks.  July 7 Building Water Harvesting Earthworks.


Our members are graduates of the Design Course who seek to advance the standing of permaculture in North American societies. Through PINA, they enjoy access to training, mentorship, work exchange, and professional networking.


Through a program of self-directed action learning, mentorship, and peer review, the PINA diploma recognizes post-PDC accomplishment and excellence in a growing number of specializations. Diplomas are affordable, flexible, compatible with working careers, and available for individuals at all levels of experience.


The NatureWise 2018 Design Contest is the first in a series of competitions open to PINA members, that elicit creative solutions to social and ecological problems, and which reward both holistic thinking and skillful means. We are displaying the best work from this year’s 42 entries through a weekly blog.


Permaculture has answers for the urgent problems facing humanity. Help us mobilize talent and apply it for maximum leverage by donating to build resilient communities, vibrant landscapes, and a cooler planet.


The Permaculture Institute of North America (PINA) supports students and experienced practitioners of permaculture in North America and Hawaiʻi.


PINA diplomates renew their professional qualifications by obtaining credit for continuing education at least every three years. PINA sponsors convergences, webinars, and short courses that fulfill this requirement. Advanced or specialty courses in permaculture disciplines may also qualify. PINA sponsored events that qualify for CCE in 2019-2020 include the Global Earth Repair Conference; Integrated Water Harvesting, a 2 part hands-on workshop at Aprovecho Institute in Oregon in June and July 2019 for implementing the winner contest design; a 4-session fall 2019 webinar on Mutual Aid with Zev Friedman, and a Spring 2020 Urban Permaculture Convergence in New York.

Large or small, your donation supports the work of PINA and helps advance the quality of the permaculture movement.