Permaculture Institute of North America

PINA provides integrated support for Permaculture designers to address critical challenges in climate, land, and communities.

PINA Welcomes New Hires

PINA has recently hired three new staff members. We will profile each of them in upcoming newsletters to give you a chance to get to know them better.
  • Jesse Tack, Program Services Manager
  • Rebeca Rubalcava, Member Services Coordinator
  • Sean Jennings, Communications Coordinator

We are still seeking new members for PINA’s Board of Directors – read more and apply here!

Mark Your Calendars

We are working behind the scenes to put together a schedule of online events: interviews, webinars, Q&A’s, and more. Here is the line-up for May and June. Beginning in June, events will be free to all. Stay tuned for information about future events.

June 7: Permaculture Masterclass: Bioregional Permaculture Design for Internal Refugees and The Poorest Amongst Us with Rosemary Morrow

Events are Free for PINA Members and $10 for Non-Members.

See more details for each event below. 

Bioregional Permaculture Design for Internal Refugees and The Poorest Amongst Us

With with Rosemary Morrow author of The Earth User’s Guide To Permaculture  

June 7th
7 pm ET / 4 pm PT 
Streamed Live on YouTube, Facebook, Mighty Networks

In this event, learn about:

– What happens in the absence of a government structure? 
– How do we design for the poorest 20% and internal refugees?
– Teaching special courses to local government
– Building relationships beyond the PC world
– The critical importance of fun and food
– People who cannot access PC and “the right to know”

This event is Free for All. 

Becoming Earthwise:

Rev. Del’s New Show

Permaculture Association of the Northeast (PAN) is thrilled to announce that Rev Dele, their previous Facilitating Director, will be hosting a new show, called “Becoming Earth Wise,” on e360tv!

Plus, Rev Dele will be interviewing 6 guests on the show from PAN’s Unlawnful campaign!

If you have a site that you have already Unlawned and a journey you would like to share, you are invited to apply as a guest on the show. Fill in the APPLICATION FORM.



Events for Continuing Education

Succeed With Homescale Biofuel

The “Succeed with Home-Scale Biogas” program is full of easily accessible and fun lessons, and live coaching that will show you all you need to know to design, build, and take care of your biogas system. Anyone can take this class, enrollment is open until May 3.

5th World is Hiring:

Junior Regeneration Consultant

5th World is hiring a Junior Regenerative Consultant with a strong ability to help with projects from inception through to implementation and monitoring. This role will be oriented around supporting our senior consultants in their day to day work. The ideal candidate is someone who is a self starter, quick learner, outstanding communicator and who cares about people as much as land regeneration. They will be paired up with one of our intermediate or senior consultants who are leading projects.

PINA’s Future is Our Own

If permaculture is one of the great hopes of the world, then we can’t afford to lose it—and make no mistake—it doesn’t exist outside the minds and hearts of its practitioners, save in a precious few books, vulnerable films, and a plethora of unstable electrons, subject to disinformation and drift at every turn. It hasn’t be propagated by billionaires; it’s not yet embedded in government policy. We have to do it. We have to plant it, grow it, and talk about it. And that takes complex social capital and invisible structures. Each-one-teach-one was a great start, and we need new tools today.

PINA co-sponsors event for “Earth Restorer’s Guide to Permaculture”

Please enjoy a lovely dialogue with legendary Permaculture icons, Rosemary Morrow and David Holmgren celebrating the North American book release. Rosemary shares about her decades of global experience in Permaculture, some of the incredible leaders and teachers she has worked alongside, and the different paradigms involved with practicing Permaculture in different cultural contexts. Short clip here with full length links below.

Full Video  |  Full Audio  |  Purchase Book

Restoring Forests With Fire

With climate catastrophe becoming increasingly visible, permaculture designers and land stewards across the Earth are taking action combating humanity’s neglect of the forests using novel tools and equipment to nurture the land in ways done for millenia by indigenous caretakers.

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