Permaculture Institute of North America

PINA provides integrated support for Permaculture designers to address critical challenges in climate, land, and communities.

PINA is pleased to offer a free 2-session webinar:

Biochar, Wildfire Risk Mitigation, and Forest Health

February 9th (10am PT/1pm ET)
February 16th (1pm PT/4pm ET)

Topics covered in this webinar include:

  • Forests and Fire Ecology

  • Treatment Considerations by Habitat Type

  • Biochar Properties and Benefits

  • Use of Portable Flame-Top Kilns

  • Resources, Grants, Financing, and Networks of Support

Join PAN‘s online webinar “Unlawning Your Life: A How To Lesson” on Thursday, January 26th, from 7pm to 8pm ET.


  • how to remove grass and install regenerative landscapes that support biodiversity and ecosystem health
  • how to foster ecosystem health using native and perennial species while growing food, medicine, and fiber
  • how to salvage materials for use in landscapes and provide tips for organizing communities around rewilding lawns at various scales

This webinar is suitable for individuals, community organizers, and anyone interested in making a local impact. There will be an opportunity for Q&A at the end. 

Note: registration closes at 12pm on the day of the webinar.

If you missed PAN’s Why to Unlawn webinar, they have an info-packed & inspiring 12 minute clip – watch it here.

2022 Design Contest Winners!

The results of PINA’s 2022 Design Contest are in! Come see the winners of each category, including the grand prize of $5,000!

2022 Grand Prize Winner

This project strongly embraces all three core aspects of Permaculture Ethics: Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share, with an emphasis on reconciliation, intergenerational connection, food sovereignty and care for the native wild environments of forest and river surrounding and adjacent to Khowhemun.

2022 Winner of Best Income or Job Producing Opportunity

The vision of Bannock in Bloom is to reintegrate people back into forests by growing food along forest edges close to communities. Deciduous and food-producing species will be planted as they produce a yield, are resilient to fire and prevent soil erosion.

2022 Winner of Best Ecological Benefits Prize

3-D Printed Clay Block test building augments homestead accommodation, visitor education, and vernacular shelter pallette of climate-appropriate local materials

2022 Best Community/Social Prize

This project will be creating greenstreets, living prototypes for other community members to visit and be inspired by. We will be replacing strips of grass along sidewalks with mini-ecosystems full of food, beauty, pollinator habitat and thoughtful ecological design.

2022 Winner of Best Graphics & Presentation

Native Edibles. Southwest Ohio Food Forest to increase church community food offerings, manage runoff, and enhance pollinator support. Also winner of Best Design from a Recent PDC Graduate & Special Award to Complete Project

PINA’s Future is Our Own

If permaculture is one of the great hopes of the world, then we can’t afford to lose it—and make no mistake—it doesn’t exist outside the minds and hearts of its practitioners, save in a precious few books, vulnerable films, and a plethora of unstable electrons, subject to disinformation and drift at every turn. It hasn’t be propagated by billionaires; it’s not yet embedded in government policy. We have to do it. We have to plant it, grow it, and talk about it. And that takes complex social capital and invisible structures. Each-one-teach-one was a great start, and we need new tools today.

PINA co-sponsors event for “Earth Restorer’s Guide to Permaculture”

Please enjoy a lovely dialogue with legendary Permaculture icons, Rosemary Morrow and David Holmgren celebrating the North American book release. Rosemary shares about her decades of global experience in Permaculture, some of the incredible leaders and teachers she has worked alongside, and the different paradigms involved with practicing Permaculture in different cultural contexts. Short clip here with full length links below.

Full Video  |  Full Audio  |  Purchase Book

Restoring Forests With Fire

With climate catastrophe becoming increasingly visible, permaculture designers and land stewards across the Earth are taking action combating humanity’s neglect of the forests using novel tools and equipment to nurture the land in ways done for millenia by indigenous caretakers.

To support efforts like these, donate to PINA today!

North American Leadership Summit

The North American Leadership Summit (NALS) was a co-creative learning process culminating in a unique event that helped define the next steps in our evolution as continental leaders of Turtle Island. We aim to build a great people’s movement that can regenerate climate, land, and communities across the continent.  Recordings of the Summit are available for purchase and include lifetime access.


The PINA-organized 4 session webinar with Zev Friedman reviews the heritage of mutual aid in the US and internationally and works through an emerging pattern language to see how it applies to a wide range of projects that can generate economic self-governance. A particular juicy area for exploration is how regional mutual aid initiatives might form the basis for PINA hubs. This webinar provides Continuing Education Credit for PINA diplomates. More information and recorded webinar purchase.  Members $20, non-members $30.