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Congratulations to Winners of the 2023 Permaculture Design Contest

Grand Prize Award $5000

Kelly Bull

New Designer Award $1000

Dayana Valdes

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Whether you are brand new to Permaculture or have been at Permaculture for decades, we have you covered.

Getting Started With Permaculture?

Let PINA help you get started in the best way possible. There are a million places to learn about permaculture, but only PINA gives you a clear path from beginner to professional. Get started with our FREE guide
Jump Start Your Permaculture in 3 Simple Steps!

Where To Take Your Permaculture Design Course (PDC)?

Once you have learned and implemented some aspects of permaculture design into your own life, you will eventually want to take a Permaculture Design Course (PDC). Let PINA help you find the best PDC for your specific needs. Grab your FREE guide
Choosing The Best PDC Experience for Me.

Which Diploma Is Right For Me?

If you have already taken your PDC and wondered if you might benefit from a mentor and a process to follow to turn that post-PDC excitiment into a burgoning career in permacultre, then The PINA Diploma Program guide might be for you. Download this free resouce today to learn more and hone in on your new career.

Making Permaculture Professional?

If you are ready to take your permaculture to the next level and enhance your skills with professional trainings, pick up your Professional Permaculture Starter Guide. Whether starting a regenerative business, bringing permaculture into your non-profit, or becoming a PINA recognized teacher, this Guide will give you valuable insight into your next steps in Permaculture.

You are invited to join a social network just for permaculture, The PcX.

The PcX (Permaculture Crossing) is a collaboration between the Association for Regenerative Culture (ARC) and PINA. Together we have created a permaculture home for social media, course creation, and community building. The PcX is completely free to join, so please lend your voice to the North American Permaculture Movement and come on over to share where you are from and what you’ve been up to! 

About Us

The Permaculture Institute of North America (PINA) exists to grow permaculture throughout North America and Hawaii. We do this through our Diploma Program, Regenerative Projects, Design Contests, and Membership Services. We seek to promote permaculture professionals and allied organizations throughout each Bioregion on the North American continent.

Featured Projects

PINA partnered on these two projects that showcase the regenerative nature of Permaculture Design.  

Featured PINA Members & Diploma Holders

My husband and I created TerraFlora Permaculture Learning Center. As we transition from hobby to business, we look forward to the support and connections that PINA can provide. PINA also keeps us up to date on…Read More 

Gloria Flora

PINA Development Coordinator

PINA has grown to fulfill our expectations and more. Our diverse Board of Directors and Staff and Membership, from throughout North America, bring a wealth of experience and dedication that is leading PINA to greater impact every year. Our on-going creation of programs…Read More

Darrell Frey

PINA Diploma Holder: Education & Site Design

I joined the board of PINA to work on developing standards for the Permaculture Design Certification Course. I believe it is important to have an organization that can support permaculture designers and educators to develop professional skills…Read More

Penny Livingston

PINA Diploma Holder: Communications and Media, PINA Diplomate Holder: Education & Site Design

Our Members are the core engine driving our institutional capacity to advance the field of Permaculture. Here are some of the benefits that Members can expect:


  • A growing Media Library of content from permaculture professionals and practitioners 
  • Staff to answer your questions and to provide support
  • A member Newsletter with guidance for working designers, educators, landscapers, and organizers, stories about PINA members and their work
  • Assistance through your Permaculture and business development and Diploma Process
  • Opportunities to Fund or otherwise support your design efforts to regenerate land and community
  • A standard Core Curriculum for the Permaculture Design Course
  • A list of PINA Diplomates recommended in Education and Site Design
  • A roster of PINA-certified PDC graduates who are eligible for certain college Credits and Tuition Waivers
  • A roster of PINA-recognized Advanced Course Graduates and Trainings
  • Additional benefits to PINA members provided by our Organizational Partners, such as Discounts on courses and webinars
  • Access to workshops, summits, and courses, including PDCs, advanced courses and continuing education
  • Calendar of Courses and Events in the permaculture community
  • Goddard University discounts 
  • Access to Post Jobs or View Paid Jobs
  • The semi-annual Design Competition 



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Apart from the free survey software, we also have access to QuestionPro’s free survey templates . We’ve found many of them useful and powerful to collect insights from various stakeholders of our organization.