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Permaculture is the best hope of the world. Your support helps PINA strengthen Permaculture Professionals and put them to work regenerating North America. Every gift brings us closer to our goal.

Featured Regenerative Projects

PINA partnered on these two projects that showcase the regenerative nature of Permaculture Design.

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Let PINA help you get started in the best way possible. There are a million places to learn about permaculture, but only PINA gives you a clear path from beginner to professional. Get started with our FREE guide
Jump Start Your Permaculture in 3 Simple Steps!

Where To Take Your Permaculture Design Course (PDC)?

Once you have learned and implemented some aspects of permaculture design into your own life, you will eventually want to take a Permaculture Design Course (PDC). Let PINA help you find the best PDC for your specific needs. Grab your FREE guide
Choosing The Best PDC Experience for Me.

Which Diploma Is Right For Me?

If you have already taken a PDC and are wondering how to make it pay, iwe can help you turn your post-course excitement into a burgeoning career.  Read The PINA Diploma Program guide to learn more. Download this free resource today, and build your vision for a new life path.

Making Permaculture Professional?

Take permaculture to the next level, by enhancing your skills with professional training. Learn how in this FREE Professional Permaculture Starter Guide. Whether launching a regenerative business, bringing permaculture into your non-profit, or becoming a PINA-recognized teacher, this Guide will give you valuable insight into your next steps.

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The Permaculture Institute of North America (PINA) exists to grow permaculture throughout North America and Hawaii. We do this through our Diploma Program, Regenerative Projects, Design Contests, and Membership Services. We seek to promote permaculture professionals and allied organizations throughout each Bioregion on the North American continent.

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Apart from the free survey software, we also have access to QuestionPro’s free survey templates . We’ve found many of them useful and powerful to collect insights from various stakeholders of our organization.