Permaculture Events in North America

PINA endorses the offerings of our diplomates, and lists them on this calendar to help you find quality education. All gatherings are either supported directly by PINA or have one of our diplomates or board members working on the organizing team.  

All PINA-recognized PDCs meet or exceed the 72-hour curriculum standard. Our listings highlight unique qualities of each course. Click here to learn about the Permaculture Design Course.

North American scale gatherings, advanced certificate courses, and online PDCs may be found in our Continental listings on the left. Regional gatherings, PDCs, and workshops can be found using the interactive map on the right. To see selective lists, for example to compare PDCs, use the buttons above each group. PINA diplomates organizing or leading the events are linked within each listing to their biographies.

Mutual Aid Webinar

Mutual Aid as an Organizing Strategy for PINA Hubs and other Co-Operative Economies

North America Leadership Summit

Building a people’s movement. 2020 Event recording available.

Regional Events

Permaculture Design Course, Weekends

Taught by Siskiyou Permaculture instructors Hazel Ward, Melanie Mindlin and Karen Taylor plus special guests. This non-residential course includes lots of local knowledge and resources as we consider methods for creating persistence, resilience, and indigenation with a culture of praise and celebration. Hazel is a permaculture elder who has taught dozens of PDC's and advanced courses. Watch for Hazel's upcoming book, Social Forestry, due to be published in 2022. Melanie and Karen each have over two decades of experience in permaculture design and implementation, water harvesting, construction, community organizing and more.

26 February
8 May

$800, early bird price $700

No event found!