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If you have taken a Permaculture Design Course (PDC), you are eligible to become a PINA member and take advantage of membership benefits.

Marisha Auerbach

I joined PINA to support the work of a national organization for people who aspire to practice permaculture professionally. As I developed my career path, I would have benefitted from structured guidance on my opportunities for career advancement and . . . Read More.

Donate to PINA

If you have not taken a PDC, but would like to make a donation to further the work of PINA, your tax-deductible contribution would be gladly put to work to advance the quality of the permaculture movement. You can make secure donations safely through PayPal using your PayPal account or a credit card.

Types of Membership

We offer 4 types of membership. Dues are commensurate with the benefits provided:

  • PDC Graduates, including diploma candidates: $30 per year
  • Professional Diplomates: $60 per year
  • Regional Hub Organizations: $120 per year (hub dues may be negotiable)
  • Allied Organizations: $120 per year

Dues span a one-year period, beginning the date that PINA accepts you as a member.

If your membership lapses, your benefits end and you will be removed from PINA’s website listings, if any, after a 30-day grace period. Upon payment of dues, you can request reinstatement.

Why I joined PINA Members of the PINA Board of Directors tell us why they joined the organization.

Membership Benefits

We provide services for PDC graduates, diploma candidates, teachers, designers, course organizers, field advisors, and regional hub organizations and the general public:

  • A member newsletter with guidance for working designers, educators, landscapers, and organizers, stories about PINA members and their work, and updates on the organization’s growth and outreach efforts
  • Staff to answer your questions and to provide support
  • Assistance through your diploma process
  • Opportunities to fund or otherwise support your design efforts to regenerate land and community
  • A standard core curriculum for the Permaculture Design Course
  • Links with regional hubs for public service and networking near you
  • A list of PINA diplomates recommended in Education and/or Site Design
  • A roster of PINA-certified PDC graduates who are eligible for certain college credits and tuition waivers
  • A roster of PINA-recognized advanced course graduates
  • Additional benefits to PINA members provided by our organizational partners
  • Access to workshops and courses, including PDCs, advanced courses and continuing education
  • A calendar of courses and events in the permaculture community

Additional benefits for Regional Hub Organizations:

  • Participation in PINA’s diploma process
  • Nominating regional field advisors
  • Representation on PINA’s Board of Directors
  • Aid with fundraising and organization

Additional benefits for Allied Organizations:

  • Listing on a special page of this website
  • Receive the newsletter along with notices of special offers to members
  • Invitations to attend PINA-organized regional or continental events (trainings, convergences, seminars) on the same basis as other members
  • May submit material to the PINA newsletter for publication, subject to review by our Editorial Board
  • Able to offer PINA members the opportunity to participate in products, programs, or campaigns they sponsor
  • Consulted in regard to the formation of PINA hubs in their areas of operations.

Regional Hubs

Regional hub organizations are in various stages of emergence. PINA’s Outreach Committee works closely with regional hubs to support them in becoming firmly established and to mentor them in PINA’s decision-making and diploma processes.

Within six months of acceptance, the regional hub is expected to nominate at least one qualified candidate to serve as a field advisor in its service area, and a second field advisor within 18 months. PINA’s Outreach Committee may assist in recruiting field advisors.

Contact us if you are interested in becoming a regional hub.

Allied Organizations

PINA encourages groups to partner with us be becoming an organizational member.  This may include non-profit organizations, certain for-profit enterprises and informal local permaculture associations and guilds.  Organizational members will have purposes that are consistent with permaculture ethics (Earthcare, People Care and Fair Share) and supportive of PINA’s mission of professional development, public education and social betterment.

See more information on our Allied Organization page.

Membership Reinstatement

Most PINA members are set up with automatic annual renewal through PayPal.

If your membership has lapsed due to nonpayment, go to our membership reinstatement page.

If you do not have a log-in because you have never registered on the PINA website, please use our Become a Member page as if you are a new member. This applies to all member types – regular, diplomate, or fast-track candidate.

If you need any other assistance with your membership, please use the Contact form to get in touch with our administrator.

Membership Acceptance Policy

PINA’s membership policy prohibits discrimination based on existential conditions such as gender, race, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and religious heritage. In the nature of its mission, however, PINA must discriminate on the basis of professional ethics, education, and practice, and may also take into consideration questions of geographic location and economic scale and impact.

PINA is the exclusive arbiter of its own process and decisions, and PINA’s Board of Directors holds final authority on the acceptance or continuation of any new member.

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