Permaculture Design Course

The Permaculture Design Course (PDC) is a 72-hour program that teaches the principles and application of permaculture. The PDC includes a standard core curriculum adapted to local needs and conditions.

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Core Curriculum Topics

Instructors present topics in any sequence using a variety of methodologies.

  1. Introduction to Permaculture
  2. Ethics and Principles
  3. The Local Ecosystem
  4. Patterns and Pattern Application
  5. Climates, Biogeography and Microclimates
  6. Design Methods and Process
  7. The Home System
  8. Water
  9. Earthworks
  10. Soils
  11. Trees, Forests, Plants, and Cultivated Ecologies
  12. Animals
  13. Aquaculture
  14. The Built Environment
  15. Waste and Bioremediation
  16. Appropriate Technology
  17. Design for Catastrophe
  18. Urban Permaculture
  19. Broad-scale Landscape Design
  20. Design for Invisible Structures
  21. Economic Systems
  22. Access to Land
  23. Ecovillage and Neighborhood Design
  24. Permaculture Scene
  25. Design Projects and Presentations
  26. Passion / Talent Show

Permaculture Design Courses Recognized by PINA

PINA recognizes and highly recommends the teaching of the PINA diplomates holding our Diploma in Education. We have reviewed their curriculum and teaching experience and found them to meet our standards for excellence in the field.

Academic Partnerships

Earn college credit for a Permaculture Design Course at participating colleges and universities.

Goddard College

Students who complete the Permaculture Design Course will receive two credits for Natural Science when they enroll at Goddard College.

The Permaculture Design Course must be recognized by PINA. This quality control is an essential component of the Goddard-PINA partnership since permaculture courses of varying quality have proliferated in recent years, while college-level equivalencies can only be offered for coursework that meets high standards.