Fund for Regeneration

PINA’s Fund for Regeneration supports our commitment to repair land, mitigate climate stress, and build resilient communities. The lens of permaculture design makes clear that these aims are not separate; they must go together.

In 2021, PINA began work on two regenerative programs that will have wide-reaching impacts. The Fire Ecology Restoration Project trained an initial group of forestry workers in a new fuel reduction protocol that uses thinned stems to control runoff, and makes biochar for carbon sequestration and forest health. (See Regeneration Projects for our film on this work.) We treated acreage and also documented best practices and analyzed economies for these innovative techniques at four sites in western Oregon. The cooperating landowners are clamoring to continue. The implications of this work for climate cooling and the fire-scarred landscapes of the West are enormous.

In the Farm Belt of the Upper Midwest, the Perennial Corps seeks funding to train people of color in perennial agriculture and land repair methods while also testing new approaches to land access.

In September 2018 and again in 2019 and 2021, the PINA board committed scarce funds to call forth the design creativity and intelligence of the permaculture community. The response was impressive. Our 2018 NatureWise Design Contest spotlighted a couple of dozen shovel-ready projects that deserve support. Our 2019 Contest called forth permaculture talent in Community Development and Media. PINA leaders see the need for action on a broad front, and are inviting help from our members, the public, donors with vision, and allied groups to move ahead on the most urgent work of our time. Backed by skilled and thoughtful implementers, these projects would leverage significant resources: design talent, in-kind donated materials, site space, and local labor, to generate real resource flows in many local economies, all while repairing soils, water cycles, ecosystems, and community relations.

We hope to employ some of the huge and unseen reservoir of permaculture design talent in North America to transform our landscapes and communities for the better. Please consider making a one-time or recurring donation to the Fund for Regeneration, and share this vision with others.

Your gift by card or check directly to PINA will have the greatest impact. Contributions made through our partner nonprofit, the Association for Regenerative Culture, are fully tax-deductible. Discover more of our programs here. For large donations or gifts of stock and other assets, please contact our Exec. Director, PINA intends to grow this fund in order to regenerate land, communities, and climate.

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You may make out a check or money order to “Association for Regenerative Culture”, and send it to:

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