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How PINA Can Help

The Permaculture Institute of North America wants to help you become an agent of positive change, whether in your backyard, community, or career.

We do this by:

    • Providing content to deepen your Permaculture knowledge
    • Helping those new to Permaculture find a well vetted PDC in their area
    • Offering a Mentorship & Diploma Program to help those who want to take their Permaculture Career to the next level
    • Maintaining an active Event & Jobs Board to help you find training and employment in Permaculture
    • Developing resources for PDC teachers, and offering promotion for their courses
    • Creating funding opportunities to turn your dream projects into reality through the Permaculture Design Contest and other partnerships.
    • Developing an association of regional Pc organizations to provide mutual benefits, and collaborate on continental initiatives.

PINA wants to make the path toward a regenerative future as easy as possible for everyone.

When you become a member, we take all the guesswork out of HOW to do Permaculture, because we’ll be there with you every step of the way.

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What Are Others Saying About PINA Membership?

I joined PINA to support the work of a national organization for people who aspire to practice permaculture professionally. As I developed my career path, I would have benefitted from structured guidance on my opportunities for career advancement and developing my business model.

I want to support others who follow in my footsteps to . . .Read More.

Marisha Auerbach

PINA Diplomate

PINA has grown to fulfill its founders’ expectations and more. Our diverse Board of Directors, Staff, and Membership from across North America bring a wealth of experience and dedication which is leading PINA to greater impact every year. Our ongoing creation of programs and member services will help to ensure that permaculture as a profession continues to mature.

As a board member of the Permaculture Institute of North America I am grateful to be in regular dialog with some of the finest people in the field. Their dedication to finding creative solutions to the dilemma of our human relation to our home planet brings hope in bleak times.

Darrell Frey

PINA Diploma Holder: Education & Site Design

I applied for a Diploma because I was qualified many times over, and the board made it simple for experienced permaculture designers and educators with an established reputation to obtain a diploma. So I decided to take advantage of that opportunity. One benefit is that I can add the PINA logo to my certificates and course advertising to indicate they are nationally recognized by my peers for quality.

For people interested in going the professional route, I think PINA is a tremendous support system.

Penny Livingston

PINA Diploma Holder: Media and Communications, Education, and Site Design

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