PINA Allied Organizations

Great Lakes

Great Rivers and Lakes Permaculture Institute
Founded in 2015, Great Rivers and Lakes Permaculture Institute  is the PINA regional hub for six states surrounding Lakes Michigan and Erie and the Ohio River: Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Kentucky.

We support permaculture diploma candidates, sponsor convergences throughout the region, and work to provide mutual support for permaculture graduates and members of the public interested in learning about permaculture. We are committed to regenerating communities and landscapes through the powerful tools of permaculture design and grassroots action.

Member volunteers are welcome to help us develop public policy proposals and advocate for them, put on events, reach out to spread the word about what we do, and offer services to members. Rates are $30 per year; (PDC graduates $20, diplomates and professionals $40, organizations $50, supporters $100). Your leadership is needed!

To join or volunteer, contact us by e-mail, visit our website, or write PO Box 1596, Bloomington IN 47402.

Services offered by members of GRLPI can be seen on their Directory of Services. No special offers are available to PINA members at this time.


Permaculture Association of the Northeast
The Permaculture Association of the Northeast (PAN) is an organization dedicated to increasing the resilience of the northeast region by strengthening the regional permaculture network and increasing access to relevant education and resources. PAN exists to grow and strengthen the network and support the effectiveness of all local permaculture nodes (individuals, organizations, businesses, farms, etc.) across the region.

Our core focus areas include promoting connectivity between permaculture practitioners, educators, and leaders; organizing face-to-face and other networking opportunities, managing web infrastructure that includes list servs and a regional permaculture course database, and building capacity of local initiatives by providing services such as fiscal sponsorship for organizations seeking to increase the capacity of their work, For more information, please visit:

No special offers are available to PINA members at this time.

British Columbia

Pacific Rim College, School of Permaculture Design
Pacific Rim College is a globally-recognized institution of Holistic Medicine and Sustainable Living located on Vancouver Island in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia.

The School of Permaculture Design at Pacific Rim College provides robust curriculum in permaculture design, pairing comprehensive classroom and hands-on training with courses in business planning and project management, community development, natural building, and food and medicine systems. The centerpiece of the school’s offerings is a 10-month, full-time Permaculture Design and Resilient Ecosystems Diploma program, the first of its caliber and scope in the world.

The school is proud to host a preeminent roster of permaculture instructors and practitioners, including PINA co-founder Jude Hobbs.

For more information, please visit:

No special offers are available to PINA members at this time.
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Educational programs and course offerings made here by PINA Allied Organizational Members cover a wide range of subjects, for many of which PINA does not presently offer certification. Our Allied Organizational Members are reputable and we encourage PINA members and visitors to investigate the many opportunities listed here. PINA endorses the Permaculture Design Course as taught by our diplomates in Education. Some of our organizational members are staffed by or working with PINA diplomates. Please check our list of PINA Diplomates to find more information about individuals whose experience and credentials have been verified through the PINA diploma process.