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November 2022 PINA Newsletter

Issue #15

Serving our members with news and information for the professional permaculture practitioner. PINA members receive our newsletters as well as other benefits.  All others are receiving this issue as a sample.

Featured Story

Letter from the Executive Director:

PINA’s Future is Our Own

Peter Bane, Executive Director


As we enter our second decade in service to the permaculture community in North America and Hawaii, I want to spotlight the developmental dynamic of this labor of love. As PINA continues to evolve, we need your support to grow. All ecosystems go through succession: PINA in its relationship to the larger community, is no exception. 

Permaculture was created and has been carried on in the face of global biodiversity loss, cultural extinction, and climate change, the impacts of which are only beginning to be understood now. PINA began with educational standards and practice, but we recognize we need to do more. PINA has begun launching innovative projects that address critical needs in society, and is sharing more of these breakthroughs in film documentaries, webinars, conferences, and campaigns.

If permaculture is one of the great hopes of the world, then we can’t afford to lose it—and make no mistake—it doesn’t exist outside the minds and hearts of its practitioners, save in a precious few books, vulnerable films, and a plethora of unstable electrons, subject to disinformation and drift at every turn. It won’t be propagated by billionaires; it’s not yet embedded in government policy. We have to do it. We have to plant it, grow it, and talk about it. And that takes complex social capital and invisible structures. Each-one-teach-one was a great start, and we need new tools today.

Rosemary Morrow releases new book ‘Earth Restorer’s Guide to Permaculture.’


“Approach nature as a friend and ally whose ways must be understood and whose counsel is needed.” – Rosemary Morrow

Please enjoy a lovely dialogue with Rosemary Morrow and David Holmgren celebrating the book release. Rosemary shares about her decades of global experience in Permaculture, some of the incredible leaders and teachers she has worked alongside, and the different paradigms involved with practicing Permaculture in different cultural contexts.


Purchase Book:



Help spread the word about a campaign from our Allied Organization, the Permaculture Association of the Northeast. 

The Unlawnful campaign aims to inspire people to reimagine what their yards can be, how they can be used, and bring them into alignment with ecological, spiritual and community-building goals. Through a webinar series, online resources, and on-the-ground work days, they are supporting people across the continent to rethink their relationship with lawns. We’re excited about their initiative to model social diversity while restoring ecological diversity, and appreciate their efforts to de-colonize and un-colonize the practice of permaculture.

Join #Unlawnful and build community around uncolonizing and rewilding lawns. Check out the people, projects, and partners that are being Unlawnful, and add yourself to the map. PAN made a quick video tutorial that shows how to get started.


Upcoming Online Courses from PINA Diplomates and Allied Organizations

Intro to GIS Mapping for Permaculturists

Earth Activist Training
January 26 – March 2, sliding scale $500-$300 


Introduction to GIS Mapping for Permaculturalists is the first in a series of courses focused on digital map creation. This course will lay the foundation for creating functional maps with geographic Information system (GIS) software. This is a practical how-to course designed to introduce students to digital mapping tools. We will demystify digital tools’ complexity and translate professional mapmakers’ jargon into easily understood terms. During this class, we will be using QGIS mapping software.

Regenerative Business Design

Earth Activist Training
January 23 – March 13th, $217


Live sessions every Monday evening from 5-7pm Pacific time Regenerative Business Design will guide you through a step-by-step process to build a business that can sustain you financially while staying true to your core values. The basis of regenerative business design is a plan that successfully balances the triple bottom line: people, planet, and profit. This course will guide you through the steps to formulate a plan to prepare your business to withstand change, duress, and a transforming global economy.

Fire, Flood, Drought & Heat: Creating Community Resilience

Earth Activist Training
January 11- February 22nd, $150-$500


Live sessions every Monday night 6-8pm Pacific time. This course will help participants develop the confidence to step into this unknown future by learning innovative ways to design, adapt and prepare for change. Whether you: work on a farm, eco-village or land-based project, run a business or not-for-profit organization, are involved in urban or rural planning, or are an individual concerned about the future of your family and community.

Online Permaculture Design Course

Grow Permaculture
Jan 15-Jul 15, 2023, $495


Live Zoom sessions every other Tuesday, 7 PM. Optional networking salons on alternate Tuesdays. Though there are live sessions (recorded), students study at their own pace. The course also includes written materials, video, exercises, step-by-step design process and practical, whole systems tools for growing food, managing water, regenerative shelter, renewable energy, creative finance, building community and more. Learn to design your life for regeneration and resilience in the face of change, with a focus on healing the earth and human systems by building relationships. Instructors are PINA Diplomate Koreen Brennan and a team of veteran designers.


Membership Corner

Ranging from short-term events such as work parties and permablitzes right up to paid career positions, listings on the Kiosk may be viewed by anyone visiting the site. All PINA members can list jobs on the Kiosk, a perk of being a member. Some of the current listings right now include a paid internship in the San Francisco Bay area, a work trade position in the Pacific Northwest, Advanced Cook/Baker in the Rocky Mountains, Assistant Grower in the Rocky Mountains, and Permaculture Designer/AutoCAD Drafter in the Great Lakes region.

Salary: $53,000 – $64,000
Fully remote, with head office in Alberta, Canada.
Apply by December 4, 2022

We’re looking for a versatile marketer professional who will be responsible for our marketing activities including growth, outreach and content marketing. With the support of their team, they will build and maintain a strong and consistent brand through a wide range of online marketing channels. The marketing manager will collaborate with our product team and product marketing to promote Verge’s courses and membership site.

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