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Does creating and running a maximally productive permaculture food forest with grain-free pastured chickens scratching through it, and no-till gardening complete with a summer greenhouse that doubles as a winter chicken run, fire you up? What about optimizing over 400 acres for wildlife habitat (elk, deer, bears, wolves and turkeys)? If this is your passion, then AlgaeCal Acres may be your dream job!

In the heart of BC’s Rocky Mountains lies a 481 acre, 10 year old logging slash that you will transform into a shining beacon of regenerative agriculture.

AlgaeCal Acres is owned by AlgaeCal Inc (see how that works :) – a company that reverses bone loss safely and naturally in a world of invasive chemical interventions. Combining scientific research with nature’s gifts, AlgaeCal is the only dietary supplement that is able to increase bone density in older adults.

And you can expect the same “science plus nature” philosophy to guide their ranch operation. Research, split-testing, learning, and refinement of methods will produce a huge variety of the most nutrient-dense foods nature offers. Ok, we’re no Bill Mollison, Joel Salatin or Richard Perkins yet… but with your expert help, we will create a healthier alternative to modern chemical-based agriculture in the same way we provide alternatives to chemical-based bone building.

What Will You Do?

2024 will bring two concurrent projects for you.

The first is optimizing most of the acreage for elk, black and grizzly bears, whitetail and mule deer, wolves, wild turkeys, grouse and other wildlife. The open cut block will soon be choked out with thick poplars, so we will strategically clear feeding areas to plant and water with these animals’ favorite foods, provide bedding areas, water and more. The owners harvest just enough of the healthy game for their family each year, while protecting and growing the herd.

The second is planting a “no-dig” vegetable garden and food forest with the biggest variety of vegetables, fruits and berries possible in a 2 acre area. In this area, you will set up for 75 chickens (a few laying hens, and the rest meat birds) to rotationally graze in a mostly symbiotic relationship, with the plants. Included will be a henhouse attached to a summer greenhouse that will double as a sunny chicken run for the winter. Chickens need their vitamin D too!

Harvesting produce, storing vegetables in a root cellar, canning, freezing, and freeze drying are all part of the fun. And if you do your job well, there will be plenty to share with your family too.

If we need consultation on any aspect of the regenerative farming process, Takota Coen, ( has provided the initial plan, and is available for guidance.

This is phase one. In 2025 AlgaeCal will add a winter greenhouse. In the future they may also add more species of animals to the regenerative agriculture puzzle. But let’s get phase one crushed, first.

Who Is This Food For?

That might seem like too much food for AlgaeCal owners Viv, Dean and their 7 lb dog! And it is. But…AlgaeCal Acres is also an offsite training centre for the Vancouver office staff and remote workers. Groups of 10 or fewer “AlgaeBuds” will escape the hectic, out-of-touch-with-reality city life for a few days of brainstorming, touring the regenerative operation, relaxing, and getting grounded in nature.

Their breakfast will be courtesy of your happy hens! They will enjoy real eggs, with blinding orange yolks that come from eating bugs and vegetation. Lunch and dinner will consist of fresh off the vine fruits, berries and vegetables and Brazilian barbecue’d meats with such intense flavor that the only seasoning they will need is a pinch of salt. Maybe they will leave AlgaeCal Acres with a gift basket of canned and dried goods to remind them that AlgaeCal is the coolest company ever.

Because of your hard work, they will leave AlgaeCal Acres having a fresh perspective on what real food is, and the kind of agriculture that produces it. Some of them will become AlgaeCal “lifers” through experiences including their ranch visits. (Yes, you will be a key part of our evil little plan to attract and keep top talent!) Maybe we can even get them to roll up their sleeves and help with some of the work! Ok, let’s not get carried away.

In Which Corner of Heaven Is AlgaeCal Acres Located?

It’s located between Jaffray and Cranbrook BC on a gravel logging road. The closest city is Cranbrook which is a 45 minute drive. Jaffray is a 25 minute drive. If you dislike driving on gravel roads, this role is not for you.

A Bit More About AlgaeCal

AlgaeCal has thrived and grown because of the core values shared by the leadership and entire team. AlgaeCal founder, Dean Neuls, observed companies that say “we care about you”, while making you wait for an hour on the phone to reach “customer service”; companies that say they believe in excellence, then deliver pesticide laden, GMO food. He wanted AlgaeCal’s values to be diametrically opposed to these companies.

So, here’s what he came up with for AlgaeCal’s Core Values: At AlgaeCal we “really care” are ‘the real deal”, “believe in excellence” and “are ideal team players”. That’s it.

You might think these are “airy-fairy rainbows and unicorns” words, like in many corporations, but if you’re hired and stray from these values, you will quickly learn that you just don’t fit. So, please take a minute and think about your values. If you share AlgaeCal’s values, then we hope you will apply for this once in a lifetime opportunity. If you don’t, please save yourself some time and possibly heartache, and search for a better fit.

Specifics and Experience

  • Position starts in April or May 2024.
  • You are a permaculture or regenerative agriculture leader for 5 + years
  • Your green thumb has been producing the most nutrient dense organic fruit, berries and vegetables
  • Greenhouse experience is necessary
  • You’re great a raising happy hens and other animals
  • You’re a bit of a handyman or handywoman, and know your way around machines
  • You love to not just work smart, but work hard. I know. Who does that anymore? You do!

Your Salary

Will be above market rate. And we will provide housing as part of the deal – we’re building a 1400 square foot suite above a shop in a nearby 6 acres property. Let’s discuss this once you show us your skills/experience.

Other Goodies

  • Full medical/dental benefits package
  • The owners are snowbirds, so, come wintertime you will have a lot of free time. Your main responsibility will be caring for the chickens and checking the house and property daily.

If this sounds like a position for you, please respond to this advertisement with your resume and cover letter. This is an essential part of your application. We need to make sure you’re a good fit for your sake and ours – that’s why we’ll be paying close attention to your carefully written cover letter.

Applications submitted without a resume and cover letter will be unsuccessful.

Please, read carefully:

1. Write a cover letter addressing:

  1. Why you’re the best Regenerative Farm Manager for this role!
  2. What do you enjoy the most about farming?
  3. Why did you choose permaculture as your career?
  4. Describe why you fit perfectly with our values. Read them here:

2. Upload your cover letter and resume:

  1. Ensure that your cover letter and resume are saved and sent as one file.

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