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5th World is hiring a Junior Regenerative Consultant with a strong ability to help with projects from inception through to implementation and monitoring. This role will be oriented around supporting our senior consultants in their day to day work. The ideal candidate is someone who is a self starter, quick learner, outstanding communicator and who cares about people as much as land regeneration. They will be paired up with one of our intermediate or senior consultants who are leading projects.

Job Title: Junior Land Regeneration Consultant

Location: Remote, Based in AB or BC (Canada)

About this Role:
You will be working in the Land Regeneration Department directly with one of our senior consultants. The Land Regeneration Department is responsible for providing a high level of service to our clients, promoting regenerative activity worldwide through consulting, education, key partnerships, and research & development. The Consulting Division provides our clients with a holistic process for how to design land-based systems that are antifragile and regenerative. We do this by integrating the lenses of permaculture, agronomy, horticulture, soil biology, silviculture, engineering, architecture, and strategy in our approach.

We are seeking a Junior Consultant to help our clients fulfill their visions. Ideally, this individual has a broad skillset to bring to the table, and is excited to be trained to help our clients articulate their goals, understand the regenerative potentiality of their land, how to design systems that magnify both, and how to successfully implement and manage those systems.

Role Description:
As a Junior Consultant, your primary role involves consulting on regeneration projects within a wider team of consultants & specialists. You will be responsible for sections of the consulting process, from defining client goals, assessing their land, creating a comprehensive problem statement, feasibility study, and ultimately a detailed design that we can construct on their behalf.

  • Be present and take notes during sales and consulting calls, and build trust with potential and existing clients
  • Assist with the completion of site analysis and assessments. Interviewing clients and collecting site data
  • Conduct feasibility studies. Coalesce data from site visits into a report, and digital concept design for our clients
  • Assist with project management for detailed design. This role will see you helping to managing a team of contractors to develop construction plans. These contractors may include; land use bylaw experts, agronomists, livestock specialists, drafters, hydrologists, building scientists, mechanical and structural engineers, renewable energy experts and a variety of trades.
  • Ensure consulting work is provided in a professional, humble, and holistic manner
  • Once the design is complete we are typically asked to manage the construction of the project. Your role will also include assisting with management of on-site crews, and potentially working on-site with the crews.
  • Other areas where you may have responsibilities include: research & development, monitoring and remote sensing, accreditation, and education departments.

Qualifications and Education Requirements:

  • Permaculture Design Certificate or equivalent
  • 4+ years of relevant experience including consulting, design, implementation, and project management. Experience that is specific to regenerative agriculture and permaculture is important.
  • Have a valid driver’s licence
  • Good written communication skills
  • Well organized
  • Data-driven mindset
  • Team oriented
  • Safety oriented

Beneficial Skills and Experience:
Experience in regenerative livestock management, cropping systems, silviculture, and forestry is a bonus
Experience in stormwater management, hydrology, and pond building is a bonus
Experience in ecology and plant/soil biology is a bonus
Drafting skills is a bonus (Autocad, Vector Works, Rhino or equivalent)
Highly communicative
Attention to detail
Able to manage goals, and competing priorities
Technologically proficient and able to learn new software quickly
Proficient in problem-solving
Collaborative work style and approach
Able to manage a budget
Drone piloting
GPS/GIS skills
Land survey
Time-tracking and managing proficiency


Working at 5th World
We are a fast-growing land regeneration company that aims to use crypto economics to incentivize land regeneration and healthy human stewardship with nature. Our mission is to transition from the present paradigm of unsustainable monoculture farming and land management practices to a paradigm shift of adopting mass-scale, antifragile practices via regenerating the earth’s ecosystems. We are an international team of 20+ people with a home base in British Columbia, Canada.

We accomplish our mission by…

  • Consulting on specific land regeneration projects
  • Training and certifying consultants who help farmers and landowners regenerate their land
  • Developing cutting-edge monitoring and verifying systems that measure the actual improvement in land regeneration
  • Building a financial mechanism to assist landowners in the regenerative practices

Join the team to regenerate planet earth!


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