Permaculture Skills Course

Want to gain more skills and best practices to be able to successfully and confidently implement permaculture projects?
Our 6-month permaculture skills course focuses on developing practical skills for building and maintaining the most common permaculture projects and is an excellent follow-up or to take simultaneously with a Permaculture Design Course.
Topics covered include:
Construction & Carpentry
Energy: electrical, solar, biogas, bicycles
Forestry & Wood heat: rocket stoves, ovens, harvesting timber and non-timber forest products
Agriculture: composting, orchards and animals, no-till techniques, brush clearing, gopher trapping
Water: plumbing (especially for greywater systems), drip irrigation, rainwater harvesting
Landscape Construction: stonework, masonry, fencing
We meet 1-weekend a month for 6-months on our farm to develop practical skills needed to build and maintain common components of permaculture designs. Participants are welcome to camp onsite. The majority of our time is spent doing hands-on activities with experts to guide each project. Each weekend is centered around a group project we work on together, and a “make and take” project you build individually to take home. The overall goal is for you to learn the tools and best practices you need for building permaculture solutions in your context.
Join our experienced team of instructors while we use our hands, hearts, and minds to build real-life projects:
Miles Taylor, carpenter and natural builder with MuddBums
Leo Lauchere, renewable energy specialist with EcoCamp Coyote
Greg Richardson, regenerative agriculture specialist with Paicines Ranch
Beth Knight, pest management specialist with Gopher Gal
Pete Rasmussen, edible landscaper with Santa Cruz EcoScapes
Dave Shaw, farmer and teacher with Santa Cruz Permaculture
Check out our learning objectives and sessions below. If it sounds like a good fit, come join a professional team on a stunningly beautiful site for several weekends of in-depth skill development!
Learning Objectives
Upon successful completion of this course you will …
– Be comfortable selecting, using, and maintaining common power
and hand tools
– Gain confidence building and maintaining projects essential to
many permaculture designs & projects
– Have a sense of how to use onsite resources creatively and
productively to achieve your goals
– Know how to troubleshoot common problems in permaculture
– Have gained a deeper understanding of the time, effort, and
resources required to install and maintain common permaculture
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Mar 16 2024


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

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