Maine Permaculture Design Certificate course

The Permaculture Certificate Course (also known as a PDC) is offered all over the world in various formats and with some variations to suit the local conditions and the teaching team’s specialties. We have tailored our PDC to the local conditions of our bioregion in the US Northeast and Eastern Canada. Because we have extensive ongoing design experience with farms, residences and community projects, the teaching comes from real-life examples of permaculture in our region. Our PDC program will empower you with the skills to design and build novel edible ecosystems where you live.


May 21 2022 - Aug 28 2022


9:00 am - 5:00 pm


Unity, Maine, ME, USA
Unity, Maine, ME, USA


2091 Route 130
Harrison City, PA 15636

Phone Number

(412) 600-5783

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