Lost Valley Community Experience Week

APRIL 14th – 20th
🌿 Join Us for a Transformative Week at Lost Valley Education Center! 🌿
Are you ready to dive into the heart of intentional community living? 🏡✨ Lost Valley Education Center and Meadowsong Ecovillage invite you to our Community Experience Weeks—an extraordinary opportunity for those curious about communal living. 🌟
🌿 Apply now for our upcoming Community Experience Weeks! 🌞👉 https://www.lostvalley.org/community-experience-week
🌱 What’s in Store?
19+ hours of in-person instruction and guided activities led by our passionate community residents.
Connection and reflection amidst the serene beauty of our 87-acre property.
Three guiding pillars that shape our community: Permaculture Ethics & Principles, Sociocracy, and Nonviolent Communication.
🌎 Explore Our Tools:
Permaculture: Unearth how ethical land stewardship intertwines with our relationships—to each other and the more-than-human world. 🌿
Sociocracy: Discover a governance model that balances group decision-making with individual autonomy. Efficiency meets consent! 🗳️
Nonviolent Communication: Master conflict resolution and thrive in shared living environments. 🤝
📅 Daily Highlights:
Sunday (Arrivals/Orientation): Tour our land, review rules, and get acquainted with fellow participants and the community.
Monday (Permaculture): Explore our roots as a permaculture education center and its impact on our identity and goals.
Tuesday (Sociocracy): Peek into our community governance inspired by Sociocracy—a boon for business/non-profit communities.
Wednesday (Nonviolent Communication): Learn the art of healthy conflict resolution.
Thursday (Sustainability): Delve into our sustainable practices and discuss tools applicable to any home or community.
Friday (Review & Connect): Reflect on what we’ve learned, as well as generate ideas and action steps to grow communities now and into the future.


Apr 14 - 20 2024


8:00 am - 6:00 pm



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More Info


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