Biochar Workshop – Ormond/Flagler Monthly Permaculture Meetup

What’s more exciting than ‘The Burning Man Festival’?
Thats right, Biochar expert Paul Kroll, of PK Biochar! Paul is bringing one of his personally crafted, custom, Biochar Cap Kilns for a workshop-burn where we will learn how to turn smaller branches or bamboo into a stable form of carbon that can last for thousands of years improving the soil.
Biochar is known to be especially beneficial in sandy coastal soils where microbiology can struggle to find stable habitat and is easily eroded away. PK Biochar inoculates their Biochar and Paul will discuss why inoculating before use is an essential part of making quality Biochar. Inoculated Biochar from PK Biochar available for sale at the Event, get it while its hot (I mean cold).
Carbon rich biochar is a specific type of charcoal that is made by pyrolysis, which is when an organic matter (wood/bamboo) is heated in the absence of oxygen. Amazonian indigenous people have used biochar for thousands of years and those ancient areas are known as “Terra Preta”.
The production of biochar is a carbon-negative process as well as a carbon sink because it reduces the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere. This ability makes Biochar compatible with the Permaculture Principle of Earth Care and Zero waste.
March 16th is a rare opportunity to see a real Biochar ‘artist’ (Pyrolysis-Maniac?) demonstrate the exciting alchemy of Biochar-making and an important first step to succeeding, safely, at making your own.
The complimentary meal will be a chef’s salad with food forest-to-bowl greens and veggies and other goodies.
We may have more attendees this month, so feel free to add to a greater ‘potluck’ or bring a plant-based addition for the salad (nuts, dried fruit, sprouts). As a reminder, the group is plant-based, only in terms of shared meals, to add vegan-friendly diversity to Permaculture groups, and because sharing plant-based meals increases the likelihood we will eat more veggies and fruit plus want to grow them. We are a Permaculture Community Group, whose members eat plant-based and omnivore diets and where people can come to learn how to grow, live a Permaculture lifestyle, along with gaining an introduction to Permaculture.
Please indicate “going” if you are planning to attend this month, so we can make sure to accommodate a larger crowd. Look at comments to view parking options, because we need the driveway for the burn. Feel free to share the event and coordinate a carpool, if possible. Hope to see you there, all are welcome, and this is an easy group to meet-up with solo or with a curious friend. Salt Life Permaculture is sponsoring PK Biochar and the free event is at the residence of PDC certified educator, Merideth Konkel. Please message to brainstorm/plan if you need greater accessibility or mobility accommodations.
Lastly, if anyone is willing to take photos for the Group, please make plans to do so and share, TIA.
Salt Life Permaculture~ 8 Sea Watch Terrace, Ormond Beach FL 32176


Mar 16 2024


12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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More Info


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