Short Films Created Through PINA’s Design Contest Awards

Congratulations to Delvin Solkinson and Salina Duncan, who divided the 2019 Media & Communications prizes to make a variety of short films!

Delvin Solkinson produced six films with the PINA Design Contest Award, each highlighting the great work of a different permaculturist.

– Permaculture in Service with Rosemary Morrow
– Skill Up with Doug Bullock
– Earth Restoration with Rosemary Morrow
– Effective Design with Dave Boehnlein
– Planetary Permaculture with Vendana Shiva
– Transitions with Rob Hopkins

These films can be viewed here.

Permaculture Primer in Kakchiquel

Congratulations to Salina Duncan who shared the 2019 PINA Design Contest Award in Media and Communications. Using the PINA Design Contest Award, she created a short film. This Bilingual film project makes permaculture education more accessible to the indigenous people of Guatemala. Interpreter teaches permaculture basics in Kakchiquel, an indigenous Mesoamerican language, with subtitles in Spanish. This film was created by the Garden of Hope to further the goal of providing permaculture information in underserved languages.

Watch Permaculture Primer in Katchiquel here.