As the summer begins too cool into autumn, PINA is winding up for two major endeavors. With this newsletter, we announce 2019 Design Contest offerings on two tracks: Community Development and Media & Communications. Open to PINA members, Contestants may submit more than one entry in either track. 

2019 Contest takes new forms

Different from last year’s contest, these two also present different challenges from each other, calling forth talent in the areas PINA has highlighted for professional development during 2019. We want community organizers to take on the problem of mobilizing communities to plant trees for climate mitigation and resource development. This will be needed on a vast scale over the coming decade, but we cannot plant a trillion trees if we don’t first learn how to plant hundreds and thousands. Many hands and eyes will be needed, along with coordination, motivation, follow-through, and education. Are you up to it? PINA has a role in organizing this. Help us find the way forward to our first Million Trees. This track carries a prize of $3,500 for implementation of the design, which may include education and training.

In the second track, we are asking media mavens and communications champions to help us hone the permaculture message. Here we are offering four smaller prizes to video makers and graphic artists who can deliver a short, inspiring and educational message. Specifications and criteria may be viewed in the 2019 Contest description elsewhere in this newsletter.

See more on the Contest in the feature article.

Mutual Aid Webinar to launch 9/19

Our second major undertaking for the season is the Mutual Aid webinar with Zev Friedman, set to launch on September 19th and continue for four Thursdays. See more information in the newsletter article or on our website at

Join a Committee

PINA is looking for member-volunteers to join its board committees and help develop organizational policy. Hub Committee wrestles with the business of gluing together regional communities, sets of local guilds, teachers, activists, and resource developers. Maybe your region needs a hub and you could help promote it by working with PINA. We have a lot of experience and a great team already, but room for more willing hands. Meetings take place by video conference on second Mondays of each month.

Membership Committee develops services and policies for PINA members, prepares the quarterly newsletter, oversees our social media work, and coordinates our efforts on conferences and convergences. If you have inspiration and communication skills, we would like to work with you. Membership meets on second Tuesdays of each month.

Development Committee helps refine the PINA message and outreach, creating new platforms and programs for growing the organization. The recent Contest proposal came through Development, which is also working on the PINA Mission statement and fundraising. This is an area for deep thinkers and creative strategists. The odds against PINA are long, but the company is superb. We meet second Thursdays monthly.

All PINA’s committees are conducted by video conference, but participants can also dial in by phone if they are not near a computer or don’t have good bandwidth. Policy work and activism through a PINA committee can qualify toward an action learning plan in a number of diploma specialties, and we are able to consider fee discounts for solid help sustaining the organization.

Diploma offered in Regenerative Land Management 

In cooperation with Earth Activist Training, PINA announces a 6th specialization in its diploma program. Designed to be completed in two years, this diploma is oriented to those seeking a career in large property management: farms, forests, retreat centers, public parks, and wild lands, among other possibilities. See more about the new diploma in the newsletter article.

PINA is your trade organization. Help us strengthen permaculture’s message and its contribution to earth repair and people care.

In solidarity,

Peter Bane