As a support to the PINA membership drive, Gaia U is offering PINA members (including new members who enroll by Oct 18) a 10% discount for the Certificate in Ecosocial Design online program that begins on Oct 18.
This 6 month/8 module program is designed as an online follow-on to the PDC and includes the following important topics:
  1. Regenerative Livelihoods I
  2. Regenerative Livelihoods II
  3. Managing Time & Promises
  4. Learning & Unlearning
  5. Thinking About Worldviews
  6. Growing Resilient Communities
  7. Project & Design Thinking
  8. Tracking Your Learning Journey
The program includes live participatory webinars with a global group of world changers,  forums and activities and those who complete the course will earn a Certificate in Ecosocial Design.  The usual cost is $540 for the entire program. With this discount the cost will be only $486.  Even including the cost of the PINA membership ($30) it is a “deal”! :)
Anyone completing the course can also use these credits toward Gaia U “deep dive” programs (Bachelors and Masters degrees and Post Graduate Diplomas) if they choose. And of course we will encourage them to enroll in our PINA diploma programs.
We have set up the enrollment/payment page to include a check box for PINA membership and then a place for the discount code for those who checked the PINA box.  Please register for your PINA membership before using the discount code. The Discount code is ESD10DISCOUNT.