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PINA has brought significant resources to bear on critical social and ecological problems, accelerating its momentum over the past 18 months, but we are only scratching the surface of issues that need permaculture design attention. Your support is critical to moving us forward. Together we can show better ways of limiting wildfire and other climate catastrophes, help urban youth enter regenerative farming, give low-income city neighbors the design skills to transform their lives, create jobs in earth repair and community empowerment for permaculture design graduates, and reward those taking virtuous action across the continent. Your gift today makes a profound impact on the most important work of this generation and the next.

Featured Projects

  • PINA Growth and Development
    We are working diligently behind the scenes to upgrade systems, hire more staff, become more relevant to our members, strengthen regional Hubs and the networks connecting them, and to engage the public so we can attract further funding for consequential programs like those below and others in queue. Help us build our capacity. Together we can spread the reach and deepen the impact of permaculture across North America and Hawaii.
  • Fire Ecology Restoration Project
    Our crew members are gearing up for an innovative research and training project on four sites in Oregon this winter. They will thin fuel-dense woodland, turning brush into biochar for the forest floor, and lay larger logs into contour berms that hold more moisture and trap soil. In coming seasons, this will support prescribed burns. With data collected on costs and impacts, we will spread the word to agencies and landowners, influence policy, and improve practices. Join us in supporting this project and help protect Western forests!
  • Perennial Corps (future project on deck)
    We are hunting down funds to get this social justice and perennial agriculture project rolling near the Twin Cities. Connecting city and country neighborhoods, Fair Share creation of jobs based on community listening and strategic insight will tap regional networks to train new and would-be black, brown, indigenous, and immigrant farmers in regenerative practices, nurturing their land management skills and business connections to help them gain access to land and create farms for the future. Help us get this project up and running!

Designate a project or let PINA apply your gift where it is most urgently needed.