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PINA’s Diploma Program combines advanced study and mentorship to increase your effectiveness, credibility, and knowledge in an area of permaculture practice. Work with a Field Advisor to follow through with a plan for advanced study in one of six disciplines over the course of up to 3 years. Already have years of experience in applying Permaculture to your field? There’s a fast-track option for you, too!

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PINA supports on-the-ground implementation of projects that repair land, mitigate climate stress and build resilient communities. PINA does this through annual Design Contests with multiple awards in various categories. Additionally, PINA helps launch promising new projects from our member-partners through development support and grant administration.

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PINA sponsors convergences, webinars, and short courses and provides access to recordings to Members. PINA also produces educational videos and documentaries based on our Regenerative Projects. Some of PINA’s achievements in this area include: producing webinars on Biochar, Wildfire Risk Mitigation and Forest Health, having hosted the North American Leadership Conference, the Global Earth Repair Conference; Integrated Water Harvesting – a hands-on workshop at Aprovecho Institute in Oregon; a 4 part webinar on Mutual Aid with Zev Friedman, and an Urban Permaculture Convergence in New York.

The Permaculture Design Course (PDC) is a 72-hour program that teaches the principles and application of permaculture design. The PDC includes a standard core curriculum adapted to local needs and conditions.
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PINA is developing an association of regional organizations to provide mutual benefits and collaborate on continental Permaculture initiatives. As more Regional Hubs are added, representatives from these organizations will comprise PINA’s Board of Directors.

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