2018/2019 NatureWise Permaculture Design Contest!

$5,000 dollar prize!

The Permaculture Institute of North America (PINA) announces the 2018 Permaculture Design Contest. This contest is open to all members of PINA*, and you may join PINA along with your contest submission. Team submissions are encouraged.  The deadline for submission has been extended to January 31, 2019.

The Contest:
  1. Design is for a permaculture system with an installation budget in the vicinity of $5,000.
  2. Preference goes to a DIY system, where the money is used for materials so the project gets the biggest “bang for the buck”.
  3. Upgrades to existing permaculture systems are acceptable.
  4. The design site is located in North America.
  5. Prize money must go to installation of the design.
  6. Top five submissions will be selected by the PINA Board of Directors.
  7. Final winner will be decided by vote of PINA members.
  8. Submission due date: January 31, 2019.
  9. Top five submissions announced March 15, 2019.
  10. Top five posted on PINA website for voting.
  11. Voting ends March 31st, 2019.
  12. Winner announced April 1st, 2019.
Submission Guidelines:
  1. Drawn plan of design (one page digital image of any size).
  2. Address/coordinates of design site
  3. Narrative explanation of design (No more than one page and 500 words).
  4. Proposed budget and timeline for implementation (one page maximum).
  5. Submitted digitally by e-mail as a PDF file or as links to online documents.
  6. Contest is open to all PINA members – you must be a member to enter.
Become a Member
  • PINA Board of Directors (nominations)
  • All PINA members (final prize)
Judging Parameters:
  1. Design concept: 25%
  2. Design graphics: 25%
  3. Design details: 25%
  4. Social benefits: 10%
  5. Ecological benefits : 10%
  6. Vision: 5%

Questions about entering the contest? Contact us at info.permaculturenorthamerica@gmail.com.

By submitting an entry to the 2018 PINA NatureWise Design Contest, you grant PINA a worldwide, royalty-free, unlimited term license to publicize and otherwise use the material and information you provide us for non-commercial purposes in support of our non-profit mission to promote permaculture.  You retain copyright in any original materials, text, or graphics that are not in the public domain.  By submitting an entry, you warrant to PINA that you are the creator of the design submitted and that you have permission to publish any materials you provide us.

By submitting an entry, you also agree to cooperate with PINA to publicize the project of which your design is a representation, to apply any award monies granted to you to implement the project shown in the design, and to allow PINA, its agents and members of the press access to the site of the design in order to document the work supported by the award.

PINA may, in the process of judging the entry, request additional information about the project in the form of answers to specific questions.  You do not have to provide any additional information beyond that submitted with your entry, but your entry will be evaluated on the basis of everything you provide.  Designs may encompass social, legal, educational and other invisible structures as well as land, biosystems, buildings, and physical elements.

Your project may require more than $5,000 to implement, but if so, you must detail a first, next, or immediate phase that can be substantially completed with the award money alone, not dependent on other funding.

No alternations may be made to any design after it has been submitted.  Multiple submissions are permitted.

Supporting the work of PINA

You can support PINA’s efforts by becoming a member or making a one-time donation. Large or small, your donation supports the work of PINA and helps advance the quality of the permaculture movement.

NatureWise Corporation is a proud supporter of the Permaculture Institute of North America, and has made possible this and many other important efforts through generous funding since 2016.

*Directors and staff of PINA and their families are disqualified from entering.