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     PINA is planning at least two further Leadership Summits in 2021 that will be focused on specific working group themes. The first of these, January 23-24, will develop further our ideas on Mutual Aid and Resilience Hubs. 


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November 2020 PINA Newsletter

Issue #9

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PINA’s first North American Leadership Summit (NALS), concluding August 23rd, was a roaring success. It brought participants up to date on major projects, added new members to the organization, and connected activists from across the continent. Attendees engaged in briefings, workshops, and interactive sessions on topics such as broadscale water harvesting, regenerative agriculture, mutual aid, deep community adaptation, PINA’s Million Tree Challenge, and how to develop permaculture careers.

NALS was the culmination of months of research and discussion into activist strategies for the coming decade. It was led by the best talent we could recruit; it was also the kickoff for a campaign of action. We know that climate change threatens everything we hold dear. The Covid pandemic has laid bare the interconnectedness of all humanity and the urgent need for system change. It has also created some of the conditions to enable that change.

Recordings of the presentations and workshops have now been edited and posted so they are available to paid registrants of the summit (at no additional charge), and to others for purchase. Visit the North American Leadership Summit to access the replays.

PINA Update: Report from the Executive Director

PINA’s North American Leadership Summit concluded three seasons of intense planning and problem solving on August 23rd with a four-day extravaganza of online talks, workshops, and networking. Nearly 200 registrants from across the continent took part in over 30 hours of programming that directly addressed the most urgent issues of our historical moment: climate crises, community disruption and healing, energy transition, mutual aid for new local economies, regenerative agriculture, and social mobilization. 

Mid-Atlantic Permaculture Practitioner’s Convergence

Mid-Atlantic Permaculture will host a Practitioner’s Convergence, with the theme: A Bioregional Conversation, online December 1-10, 2020. The 2020 Mid-Atlantic Permaculture Convergence is a collaborative virtual conference that brings together land stewards, dreamers, farmers, activists, educators, and organizers, to envision a bioregional permaculture movement that represents the diversity of the Mid-Atlantic, honors traditional knowledge and lifeways, and enables deep collaboration between people, land, and organizations in this region.


Permaculture Job Available

The PINA Job Kiosk lists jobs and work opportunities of all kinds.  There is a job available now at Sustainable Village for an experienced Irrigation Sales and Design Technician.  They design and supply sophisticated watering systems  for a variety of agricultural applications ranging from multi-acre fields to greenhouses to backyard/home gardens.  This job can be done remotely by phone, website and email.  See the listing at the PINA Job Kiosk.

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