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Mutual Aid Webinar.  Zev Friedman leads this exploration into the emerging pattern language for mutual aid to see how it applies to a wide range of projects that can generate economic self-governance.  Recording is now available and qualifies for Continuing Education credit for PINA diplomates. Buy the Webinar.


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January 2020 PINA Newsletter

Issue #7

Serving our members with news and information for the professional permaculture practitioner. Every issue brings a feature article, the latest news from our Executive Director, and a technical information piece, as well as a personal story from one of our members.

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Featured Story

A New Pond Brings Water Security to Aprovecho
by Tao Orion

An award of $5,000 from PINA’s 2018 Design Contest enabled my husband Abel Kloster and me to build out a large pond at Aprovecho Institute near Cottage Grove, Oregon.

The vision for this major earthwork started around 12 years ago, soon after we arrived here in the summer of 2006. We were excited to put into practice the design skills and techniques we’d learned over the years since then in a series of Permaculture earthworks courses with Max Lindegger, Geoff Lawton, Darren Doherty, and Hazel (Tom Ward).

In 2007, we built the first in a series of ponds at Aprovecho. We had heard from former residents and helpers that it was impossible to build ponds on the site – the land was too steep, the soils wouldn’t hold water. We were told that an early attempt to build a pond involved two dynamite charges – one blasted a hole, and the second blasted the blown-out soil right back into the hole. We’re not sure about the veracity of this last story, which has the ring of an urban (rural) legend. However, at the time we arrived at Aprovecho, there was only one small pond for soaking mushroom logs plus a dugout area for the ducks which filled in the winter and could be refilled in the summer with a hose from the well.

PINA launches Job Kiosk

PINA is now offering a place to list work opportunities, both paid and unpaid on the website. Ranging from notice of short-term events such as work parties and permablitzes right up to paid career positions, listings on the Kiosk may be viewed by anyone visiting the site. All PINA members can list jobs on the Kiosk—a new member benefit.

2019 Design Contest Voting

The period for submission of contest entries closed December 1st with about a dozen submissions. A panel of judges appointed by PINA’s board will winnow these and announce a list of finalists February 1st. PINA members in good standing by February 28th may vote to award the Contest prizes, $3,500 in Community Development and various smaller awards in Media and Communications. 

PINA Update: Report from the Executive Director

As 2019 winds to a close, PINA moves nearer to its goal of creating a continental marketplace for permaculture services and goods. We have just launched the latest in a series of web-based facilities to support our members and the permaculture movement. 

Chinampas, Agroforestry & mycelium

We hope you find inspiration and some design tweaks or ideas in the diverse stories we share in this issue of regenerative projects from around the world. 

Why I Joined PINA

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2019 Permaculture Design Contest

Voting will begin Feb 1, 2020 for this year’s contest in  Community Development or Media &