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2023 March Newsletter - What PINA Can Do For You

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For this month’s newsletter, we’ve decided to take a different approach. We’re going give you a behind-the-scenes look at PINA and begin to introduce you to a few of the dedicated individuals who work tirelessly to bring you our offerings.

PINA is a professional association for Permaculture Practitioners working across North America and Hawaiʻi.

Our aim is to:

  • Promote permaculture pathways in professional development
  • Facilitate networking and connectivity among practitioners
  • Grant diplomas recognizing excellence and achievement
  • Bring permaculture solutions to the challenges of social justice, land regeneration, and climate change
  • Preserve the integrity and quality of the Permaculture Design Course
  • and more…

One of the folks working behind the scenes to ensure you’re kept up to date on all the PINA happenings is our Communications Manager, Sean Jennings, i.e. ME!!

I’m in charge of posting on Social Media, creating all of the graphics for PINA, updating the website (BIG UPDATE ON ITS WAY), crafting these monthly newsletters, and more.

I’ve been with PINA for almost a year now and I feel like I’m finally finding my groove here.

Before joining PINA, I founded a Permaculture-based community group in LA known as the Westside Permies which went on to organize two regional Permaculture Convergences in 2011 & 2012. I also worked as a landscaper with Erik Ohlsen and Permaculture Artisans before venturing off to start my own Permaculture Landscape Company.

I did that for a few years before moving back to my little homestead in Hawaii where I have been living off-grid and documenting it through a YouTube channel and Blog, in which I have built quite the following.

I’m using those skills to help PINA increase its digital presence. My goal is not only to help PINA grow but to help all of PINA’s members grow as well.

I help PINA members post jobs or events on the website, I even make custom graphics for many members. If there’s anything digital you might need help with that’s related to Permaculture, reach out to my email, I’d love to help you out.

Additionally, you are more than welcome to reach out if you have any tips or wish to collaborate with PINA to expand our online visibility together.

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PINA’s Monthly Speaker Series

Every month we bring you exciting content, and introduce you to permaculture leaders who share a wealth of information to enhance your permaculture journey.

For this month, on March 11, long-time PINA member and Permaculture educator, Marisha Auerbach will be joining us for a thought-provoking discussion. The topic of this discussion is Bioregionalism, a concept that offers profound solutions to many contemporary challenges. Marisha has a remarkable ability to get to the crux of what Bioregionalism is and why it’s worth considering as a way of living.

We also have Andrew Faust and David Harper joining us on March 20 to speak about Living Land Trusts. These can be great ways to preserve land in your community, as well as a way to help foster more affordable options where you live.

We’re so excited to learn from these amazing presenters!!

media_PINAs Media Library

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Get Featured

Would you like to be featured in our next Newsletter or join us as a Speaker? PINA is eager to learn more about how you are promoting the principles and practices of Permaculture.

Share your recent accomplishments, successes, or projects you’re working on, and let us spotlight your efforts! Please send your submission to

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2024 Permaculture Summit Highlights

Did you attend the Permaculture Summit we organized early in February?

If you weren’t able to make it, or simply want to we re-live some of the best moments, give this highlight reel a watch. The speakers delivered a wealth of knowledge.

Many attendees were motivated to finally work towards the Permaculture lifestyle they’ve always wanted.

Will you join them in this journey?

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Allied Organization of the Month

Introducing Earth Activist Trainings.

EAT teaches a wide range of courses, from introductory Permaculture classes for beginners to advanced classes for experienced permaculturalists and specialized classes for professionals working in the field.

In collaboration with PINA, EAT offers an advanced dipoma in Regenerative Land Management.

With an understanding of historic injustice and a dedication to making permaculture accessible to those on the front lines of climate, food, and social justice struggles, EAT offers scholarships to indigenous people and people of color.

Join EAT and become a skillful advocate for People Care, Earth Care, and a fair, just, and thriving future.

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Tip of the Month

Swales – Water Harvesting in the Landscape

Many of us have heard of them, but do you know how to install one?

This video from the Weedy Gardener shares what a swale is and how to build one, with the guidance of none other than Geoff Lawton. It is a beautifully made video. We are sure you’ll find value in it. Enjoy.

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Good News Break

The Klamath Dam removal on the California/Oregon border is set to be complete by June 2024.

Why is the removal of a dam such good news for the Permaculture community?

A variety of reasons.

Dams block the natural flow of a river. Salmon are unable to breed. Sediment is unable to escape. By removing dams we increase wild food populations so that more wildlife can be sustained. We also replenish beach sands vital for coastal renewal, increasing habitat along our shorelines as well.

By letting nature flow wild again, we can let Mother Nature take the lead in restoring our degraded ecosystems, all we have to do is sit back and regeneratively steward the new life that comes from it.

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