Red Ant Works, Inc.

Regenerative Landscape Systems and Relations

Red Ant Works, Inc., founded 27 years ago

We are a permaculture landscape contractor, state-licensed,  providing design / build and landcare services. 

Always a laterally structured company, in 2025 we are converting to an employee-owned entity.  


  •  First season’s wage $22-$25
  •  Season-end bonus first year
  • Benefits begin 2nd year
  • Work in stunningly beautiful mountain vistas
  • If you like, you can apply for owner candidacy or simply remain a staff member of the co-operative.
  • We work 4/10s, so long weekends 
  • Voted Best Landscaper many years in a row
  • Learn the whys of your work while getting paid, working in goodwill toward common goals.

– NOTE: You can read about us on line, but all our work is word of mouth, so you won’t find a website for us.

      🐜  This position is open to any qualified, bipedal primate including bear people.  🐜


Send resume to  

You must include the following: 

     –  All coursework and work experiences whether relevant to this           position or not

     –  All education: “formal and informal” 

     – Tell us about a film or book that lit you up

     – Tell us about a plant(s) your resonate with

To apply for this job please visit