Red Ant Works, Inc.

Regenerative Landscape Systems and Relations


Permaculture Landscape Contractor –  Career Opportunity – April 2024  

Seeks Site Manager / Project Manager

🐜 In 2025, we are converting to an employee-owned cooperative

 🐜 Located in the Wasatch Mountains – Park City, Utah


All of Red Ant’s work occurs on Ute and Western Shoshone lands ceded under duress.   

Red Ant Works, Inc. opens its 27th season in April 2024 Voted Best Landscaper for multiple years 



        – $25 – $30 / hr commensurate with qualifications

        – Benefits package

        – Co-operative ownership

        – Relocation stipend


Requirements (partial list) 

       – 3 years permaculture project management & site work

       – Vision and chops to build a new world

       – Live in Park City, Utah

       – Ability to resolve conflict with Non-Violent Communication       

       – Sense of humor

🐜  This position is open to any qualified, bipedal primate including bear people.  🐜 


 As the conversion unfolds our goal is to expand our design / build / landcare services into a regional consultancy.   Our intention is to work with architects, municipalities, developers, and state and local governments in our arid climate.  

More to say about this position, but best via conversation with qualified applicants willing to relocate to Park City, Utah.  


Send resume and email to

  • Please include all former employers, coursework, interests, vision and education even if not necessarily relevant to this position. 

NOTE: You can read about us online, but we don’t have a website.  Red Ant Works, Inc.’s clients find us word of mouth. 


We also have two entry level positions open if you have colleagues interested 

in cooperative ownership candidacy. 

To apply for this job please visit