Gabriola 3 Pond System

Stephen Levesque, Rooted in Nature

Gabriola 3 Pond System  enhances a system of ponds within an existing newly established permaculture market garden and orchard, adding a set of solar/wind powered oxygenating pumps to a 3 pond system receiving greywater and roof runoff from a house to be built in 2019.  Ponds serve as back-up fire control water for Island public authorities on this 5 acrew rural home site on Gabriola Island.

Rooted in Nature is a small permaculture design and consultation business located on Gabriola Island, a small gulf island located with the Salish Sea in British Columbia which has been rejunevating landscapes from Vancouver Island to the Kitkatla Nation for the last 10 years.

Stephen Levesque is a Father, Permaculture Farmer, and Horticultural Therapist living on Gabriola Island, BC, Canada. Stephen has applied a Permaculture framework to his work and relationships for over a decade. From Universities and elementary schools to Farms and  First Nation Reserves his passion for ecological design has created a lifestyle he and his family loves deeply.
As owner/operator of Hidden Pond Permaculture Farm and Rooted In Nature: Ecological Design Solution he can spread his Permaculture phiolsopy to his community designing  Neighbourhood Supported Agriculture which serves his direct community within a few square kilometres of the farm.
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