Elements of Resilience

Resilience: the ability to bounce back after a trauma. After this last year, we all need some—and so does the land. To counter the massive ecosystem destruction of climate change, we need to evoke and nurture earth’s inherent resilience.

Air, fire, water and earth are the traditional four elements that sustain life. They are also key to earth healing: understanding why weather patterns shift, mitigating destructive fires, rehydrating our desertifying landscapes, and building living, healthy soil and diverse plant and animal communities. There’s a fifth element: spirit, the sense of wonder and reverence for nature that connects us deeply to land and community.

When we gather, we honor our own spirits and those of our community, building on each other’s knowledge and energy. We heal. We get stronger. We expand our understanding.

Join Permaculture Educators Starhawk, Charles Williams and Sunshine Rose Claymore for a free webinar in which we share resiliency strategies and skills towards a shared regeneration and abundance. This is a free introduction to Earth Activist Training’s new, advanced permaculture course in Resilient Land Design.


Mar 15 2021


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm




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Online (Pacific Time)


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