Design your own Passive Solar Greenhouse

Find the pathway to a resilient, passive solar future.

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A passive solar greenhouse is an extremely energy-efficient structure which excels at capturing and storing the natural heat of the sun. This allows you to maintain a precise climate with minimal energy and without the use of fossil fuels.

This technology has unlimited potential to provide a secure, resilient food supply and an abundant future for those who embrace it, but finding qualified, expert guidance in this emerging technique isn’t easy.

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Learn from the leading experts in passive solar greenhouse design.

Verge has pushed passive solar greenhouse technology to the cutting edge and proven its capabilities in incredibly harsh climates. Our team has an unparalleled combination of engineering and permaculture expertise, and as leading industry experts, we’re going to share something that might shock you.

You can learn how to do this!

Attend our webinar to deepen your understanding of passive solar and learn about our full, upcoming Passive Solar Greenhouse Design Course starting March 19th, 2024, where anyone can learn to complete their own ready-to-build design.

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Attendees of the live, online webinar will gain access to an exclusive discount available only during the event.

I took the Verge Permaculture Passive Greenhouse course, and I am blown away by the effort that Rob and his team have put into designing the course. It is very intuitive, and is exactly the assistance I needed in designing our dream greenhouse. It is obvious that there is there is a tremendous amount of passion and time that went into sharing all of the their experiences, and is definitely worth the value. They have helped me think of everything I need to design and build my structure. I can wait to see my project through to completion. – Norm L.

What’s Covered in the Webinar?

The Intro to Passive Solar Greenhouse Design webinar reveals a pathway for landowners, builders, contractors, and community leaders to design and ultimately build a custom greenhouse.


What Is Passive Solar Greenhouse Design?

  • How do they capture, store, and distribute heat?
  • How is precise climate control possible?
  • How do you design a structure and systems that match your budget and goals?
a woman with a clipboard in a passive solar greenhouse with plants growing

What Are the Benefits of Passive Solar?

  • Why are these greenhouses critical to food security?
  • What sort of crops can be grown?
  • How do they help achieve independence from industrial food supply chains?
Rob Avis designing a passive solar greenhouse sketch

How Can You Learn the Design Process?

  • How is it possible for anyone to learn from Verge’s upcoming design course?
  • What design features are possible in a custom greenhouse?
  • How do you turn your design into a completed project?

Your journey towards passive solar greenhouse design begins here!

Use our webinar to make an informed decision about the road ahead.

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Watch our Case Studies

We’ll send you video Case Studies of other DIY greenhouse designs before the webinar to help you get inspired and identify what questions you want to ask.

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Attend the Webinar

Deepen your understanding of passive solar greenhouse design and learn how our live, online course empowers you to create your own design!

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Take the Design Course

Use your exclusive discount from the webinar to register for our course, complete your greenhouse design, and arrange for it to be built!

Meet Your Instructor

Rob Avis

Co-Founder of Verge Permaculture

Rob and his wife, Michelle Avis launched Verge Permaculture in 2008, and it has grown to become an award-winning regenerative design, consulting, and education center which has supported more than 15,000 registrants and helped to establish growing local and global permaculture communities.

As one of Verge’s lead PDC instructors and a Professional Engineer, Rob brings international training and decades of experience in permaculture, green building science, renewable energy and water harvesting. He has engineered some of the world’s most cutting-edge, forward-thinking passive solar greenhouses.

Rob Avis


Feb 27 2024


2:30 pm - 5:00 pm




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