Allied Organization Membership

This invitation is meant to encourage other groups which share permaculture ethics to partner with PINA and to support shared aims to make permaculture design widely available and influential throughout society.

Who may join?

Organizational membership in PINA is open to non-profit organizations and certain for-profit enterprises chartered in North America and to informal local permaculture associations and guilds, subject to the following criteria:

  1. Organizations must apply to become PINA members using our Allied Organization application form. PINA reserves the right to reject any application.
  2. The purposes of the applying organization must be consistent with and supportive of permaculture ethics (Earth Care, People Care, and Fair Share) and PINA’s mission of professional development, public education, and social betterment.
  3. If organized as a for-profit entity, the purpose of the organization must be centered in the practice of permaculture (design consultancy, teaching consortium, landscape installers, provider of goods/services to the permaculture trade, e.g. nursery), and a least one principal (owner, managing director, etc.) of the business must be a graduate of the PDC.
  4. Organizations for which the primary purpose is the promotion of any political party or candidate for political office are excluded. Also excluded are organizations which have been subject to criminal or civil penalties in relation to any alleged violations of law.

What are the privileges of membership?

  • Organizational members will be listed on a special page of the website.
  • They will receive the newsletter along with notices of special offers to members.
  • They will receive invitations to attend PINA-organized regional or continental events (trainings, convergences, seminars) on the same basis as other members
  • They may submit material to the PINA newsletter for publication, subject to review by our Editorial Board.
  • They are invited to offer PINA members opportunities to participate in products, programs, or campaigns they sponsor.
  • They will be consulted in regard to the formation of PINA hubs in their areas of operations.

Contact us  with any questions about becoming an Organization Member.