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Facing the Fire; Innovative Uses of Biochar and Permaculture Design to Mitigate Wildfire Risk
June 3-5, 2022


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March 2022 PINA Newsletter

Issue #13

Serving our members with news and information for the professional permaculture practitioner. PINA members receive our newsletters as well as other benefits.  All others are receiving this issue as a sample.

Featured Story

2021-22 Design Contest Voting is Open

Final submissions for the 2021-22 Design Contest are in. It is time for you to vote for the grand prize! Any PINA members in good standing by March 30th are welcome to vote for their favorite design. The grand prize award is $5,000. Cast your ballots now until March 30th. Winners will be announced on March 31st. Check out the final design submissions here.

Our third design contest has entered its final phase, where PINA members are asked to select the best overall design for implementation from the following five submissions chosen by PINA’s judges. Two rounds of winnowing have already occurred. PINA received many other intriguing and promising proposals from regions across North America. The Finalists presented here offered, in the opinion of our judges, the best chance for being built out, for making a positive impact with the funds allocated, and for serving both social and ecological functions.

PINA Update: Report from the Executive Director

    PINA is gearing up for a very full year, and I encourage all members to support our growth. Together, we can increase permaculture’s impact. Read on and learn how.

Facing the Fire

PINA’s Fire Ecology Restoration Project brings western experts on innovative uses of biochar and permaculture design to mitigate wildfire risk to a  trailblazing workshop.
LECTURE: June 3 @ 5:00 pm, FREE to the public
WORKSHOP: June 4-5, 9 am – 5 pm
LOCATION: Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Commercial Foodscapes and Social Permaculture in Big Cities

Can commercial foodscapes be community oriented? After years of quiet work, PINA’s newest Board Member, Jane Hayes, and her team have been making headlines with two projects at prominent Toronto intersections.


Membership Corner

Ranging from short-term events such as work parties and permablitzes right up to paid career positions, listings on the Kiosk may be viewed by anyone visiting the site. All PINA members can list jobs on the Kiosk, a perk of being a member. Some of the current listings right now include a paid internship in the San Francisco Bay area, a work trade position in the Pacific Northwest, Advanced Cook/Baker in the Rocky Mountains, Assistant Grower in the Rocky Mountains, and Permaculture Designer/AutoCAD Drafter in the Great Lakes region.

Why I Joined PINA

Click here to read more about Darrell Frey, why he became a member and joined the Board of Directors

PINA Events Calendar

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Design Contest Update

Voting is now open for the 2021-22 PINA Design Contest. All members are encouraged to vote. You can join now and be eligible to vote.