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Building Your Permaculture Property Global Summit!

April 23-25, 2021

Spend 3 Days Learning from more than a Dozen of the World’s Top Permaculture Experts


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April 2021 PINA Newsletter

Issue #10

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Featured Story

How I Used My PINA Design Contest Award

Salina Duncan, Garden of Hope, Guatemala

Beds and Water Distribution Remodel

Thanks to the Permaculture Institute of North America, The Garden of Hope’s Beds and Water Distribution Project was a huge success! Despite the insecurities still being faced during the global COVID-19 Pandemic, we have been able to successfully accomplish the well-needed garden facelift by rebuilding the watering system and transforming the beds into natural works of art. The project also included a remodel of our outdoor classroom, our teaching kitchen, and the bathroom to improve accessibility and workspace.

We are eternally grateful for the stability the prize granted us, as it provided the ability to keep our passionate staff member, Francisca, on a part-time salary while the majority of the country faced trying economic conditions. We are honored to have received this award, and we are proud of the advances we were able to make with the funds!

Omega Garden and Maracuya Garden Design

The PINA Design Contest Award allowed us to restructure many of our garden beds to incorporate natural designs. This included the design and construction of an Omega Garden Bed and a Maracuya Garden Bed. After finishing the bed construction, we then started the second stage of the project to incorporate better irrigation systems. Old PVC irrigation was replaced using larger size tubing to better manage water pressure, and leaky valves were replaced. The older tubing was then recycled into our Maracuya Garden bed as a form of trellis for the vines to grow on and cover the pathway.

PINA Update: Report from the Executive Director

For many, 2020 was a lost year. We mourn the loss of friends, family, and relationships that took a back seat to social hygiene. PINA’s plans for a continental convergence in Colorado in August took a sharp and swift turn last March when the first wave of Covid-19 cases washed over North American countries. Pandemic privations heightened everyone’s hunger for connection, so our online Summit August 20-23 was successful by all accounts. It drew 179 registrants for sessions on Mainstream Action, Regenerative Agriculture, Energy and Infrastructure, Community Trauma and Adaptation, and much more. To see what you may have missed, visit North American Leadership Summit to find the portal for recorded sessions.

Short Films Created Through PINA’s Design Contest Awards

Congratulations to Delvin Solkinson and Salina Duncan, who divided the 2019 Media & Communications prizes to make a variety of short films! 

Delvin Solkinson produced six films with the PINA Design Contest Award, each highlighting the great work of a different permaculturist.

  1. Permaculture in Service with Rosemary Morrow
  2. Skill Up with Doug Bullock
  3. Earth Restoration with Rosemary Morrow
  4. Effective Design with Dave Boehnlein
  5. Planetary Permaculture with Vendana Shiva
  6. Transitions with Rob Hopkins

These films can be viewed here.

Verge Permaculture’s Building Your Permaculture Book Launch and Global Summit

April 23-25, 2021

Spend 3 Days Learning from more than a Dozen of the World’s Top Permaculture Experts….

PINA is a proud sponsor of Verge Permaculture’s Building Your Permaculture Book Launch and Global Summit, and PINA’s own Executive Director, Peter Bane is slated to participate as one of the speakers!  Continue Reading . . .


Seeking Permaculture Internship Sites

The Bastyr University Certificate in Holistic Landscape design is a year-long program in Kenmore, WA with a focus on permaculture design.  The students participate in a 40-hour (or longer) internship experience between March and June in the areas of design, nursery work, restoration, education, policy and more.  We are currently seeking partners who would be excited to host a student for this experience! 

If you have a site or experience you think would be valuable for budding permaculture practitioners to contribute to please contact  (Sites must have a current business license or non-profit status that has been in place for one year.  Monetary compensation is not provided for internship experiences.)  Visit Bastyr Holistic Landscape Design program.

Why I Joined PINA

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