Building a Great People’s Movement:

PINA is convening a North American Leadership Summit (NALS), August 20-23, 2020, a co-creative learning process culminating in a unique event that will define the next steps in our evolution as continental leaders of Turtle Island. We aim to build a great people’s movement that can regenerate climate, land, and communities across the continent.

The planetary emergency asks all of us, and especially those with the capacity for leadership, to step into a new realm of heartfulness, understanding, solidarity, teaching, and effectiveness. By now, we’ve all been to plenty of meetings, workshops, and conferences, and some of us are discouraged. The Summit, though, will employ experiential and expansive processes to transform not only our understanding of life on Earth, but our very beings as we come together for a campaign of regeneration.

The design aims to make new connections between indigenous leadership, youth, the Divine Feminine, ethnic luminaries, and leading-edge knowledge carriers. Building on the efforts of preliminary working groups, the Summit will blend these gifts and experiences to forge meaningful and lasting connections. We will then deploy those strengths to change public policy and private action in all regions.

The program assembles astounding presenters, launches local simulcasts, and offers a flood of fresh inspiration in a transcendent setting of uplifting beauty and excellent food. We’ll send you home energized, renewed, and empowered. 

Downstream of the Summit, there are landscapes to repair and communities to heal. The climate crisis will spare no one; a decade of action demands our attention. We must expand our outreach and impact, garner support, and show the power of our ideas, values, and knowledge. Your voice, hands, and heart are all needed. If we are successful, permaculture will become a household word through simple, effective, and regenerative strategies demonstrated across North America. Please join us now! 

As we’re still working out details, we invite you to ask questions and contribute suggestions to make this Summit unique, powerful, and successful.  Please Contact Us Here  for more information on how to participate.

To support our scholarship fund to bring youth, indigenous leaders, and knowledgeable practitioners from low-income regions of the Caribbean and Meso-America to the Summit, please encourage friends and colleagues to donate to our GoFundMe campaign.