Diploma offered in Regenerative Land Management

In cooperation with Earth Activist Training, PINA announces a 6th specialization in its diploma program. Designed to be completed in two years, this diploma is oriented to those seeking a career in large property management: farms, forests, retreat centers, public parks, and wild lands, among other possibilities. The curriculum for this diploma is more explicit than in the previous five PINA specialties, but has numerous options for individual choice. This diploma also calls for three internships, including one month in a foreign culture, country, or language.

Earth Activist Training launched its inaugural class in RLM this past May, and some of those students look interested in registering for the PINA diploma program simultaneously. EAT will offer on-campus training in the PDC and in other core skills in multi-week sessions each of two years, with the remainder of the time in the program devoted to out-placement elements of the Action Learning Plan.

As in all PINA diploma programs, the RLM candidate will have the support of a Field Advisor to help her or him chart a productive course of study. PINA’s fees for application and matriculation are similar in the RLM specialization to other diplomas under the PINA aegis, but the opportunity is bright for rewarding work, paid employment while learning, and a rich tableau of experiences. Investigate the new specialty at PINA.in/diplomas/.

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