PINA is offering $5,000 of prize money spread over five awards for winning designs in two areas that closely track our recent diploma program expansions: Community Development and Media & Communications.

The Community Development prize of $3,500 will go to the best design for a community-based program of tree-planting for climate mitigation and resource development. Entries may be for rural or urban areas. Most of the prize will be paid for implementation of the design, which must, of course, be feasible and have a clear pathway to being installed. However, some portion of the award can be paid for education and outreach. Successful projects will ensure stewardship of the community woodland, and will stack as many useful functions into it as possible: erosion control, windbreak, water management, edible perennials, neighborhood improvement, education, economic harvest from coppice, amenity and recreation. Other measures of success will be the number of people impacted and the strength of the organization that puts the trees in the ground. Civic engagement and cooperation with public officials is a plus. The core of the design must be empowerment of a community through self-awareness, public service, and mutual aid. The plantings can be on public or private land, but if private, there must be legally binding provisions for access and continuity. Can you mobilize your community to help cool the planet and nourish the neighborhood?

Four prizes in Media and Communication totaling $1,500 will be awarded for the highest ranked videos or films of under two minutes that promote permaculture and educate the audience by focusing on a distinctive element or project exemplifying the design system. Permaculture ethics and principles must be evident. We want to see your best efforts to make permaculture a household word, and to put it in a positive light. Write a script, charge your phone, get to work!

Of course team efforts are encouraged. The contest is open to PINA members from anywhere in North America and Hawaii, including submissions from those who join for the Contest! Once you are in, we think you’ll like what we’re doing. Entries must be received by December 1, 2019. The PINA board will select the finalists (five in Community Development; 10 in Media). PINA members will vote to select the prize winners. Voting must be completed by February 29th, and the winners will be announced March 1st, 2020.

PINA is committed to supporting our members to solve real problems. Projects of merit that don’t win a prize from the PINA Contest may still be eligible for funding as we are able. Please share with your friends and colleagues. This is an opportunity to get paid to do virtuous work.

Click here to go to the Contest criteria and rules.