Permaculture Design Course graduates across North America are working every day to solve the pressing problems of our society and to repair the environment. PINA is proud to display some of the best such projects that have come to our attention. Over the next several months, our website will feature winning, finalist, semi-finalist, and other worthy designs submitted to the NatureWise 2018 Design Contest. Please visit the Contest page often for a fresh dose of inspiration!

The Design Contest has called forth a wave of talent that deserves recognition and projects from far and wide which warrant funding. Members have already risen to the PINA challenge that we build out more of these important designs for regeneration by contributing to our Fund for Regeneration. These monies and others that we are seeking will broaden PINA’s regenerative footprint. We hope you will join us in growing the Fund.

Please donate here: Fund for Regeneration.

This year’s award of $5,000 has been granted to Tao Orion of Cottage Grove, Oregon for her proposal to extend the water harvesting earthworks at Aprovecho Institute. Award monies will help to build this infrastructure, which is designed to enhance the water-holding capacities of an extensive forested region under sustainable management.

We are pleased to note that the project also received recognition from the Oregon State Water Master in the form of a rarely granted new water right, and that once built, it will work steadily for centuries to enhance climate cooling, sustain stream flow, and provide fire protection for surrounding communities. Workshops highlighting the learning from installation of the earthworks are planned to extend its value beyond the immediate region.

You can review the project specifications or see a short video about this project at Aprovecho.

Tao Orion is the author of Beyond the War on Invasive Species: A permaculture approach to ecosystem restoration, a permaculture teacher, designer, homesteader, and mother. She holds a degree in agroecology and sustainable agriculture from UC-Santa Cruz, and took her permaculture certificate with Max Lindegger at Crystal Waters Ecovillage, Queensland, Australia. Her interest in restoration was stimulated during training she took in botany, wildcrafting, and herbalism at the Columbines School of Botanical Studies in Eugene, Oregon. She has been a PINA member since 2016.

PINA members have the ethical commitment and the talent, creativity, and training to regenerate landscapes, communities, and the climate. As an organization, we are committed to supporting these efforts for the betterment of all people through mentorship, employment, funding, and education. PINA member dues along with contributions from our donors, sponsors, and patrons make this possible.